PoPville is Going Bird Watching May 4th – Where Would You Like to Go? Arboretum or Teddy Roosevelt Island?

by Prince Of Petworth April 12, 2013 at 1:30 pm 16 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

Long story short – a friend of mine works at The Nature Conservancy:

“The world’s largest environmental non-profit. In the last 60 years, with the help of over 1 million members, The Nature Conservancy has protected over 120 million acres, thousands of miles of rivers, and operate over 100 marine protected areas globally.”

They have been kind enough to offer a birdwatching tour to PoPville on Sat. May 4th. So we just have to decide where to go – the Arboretum or Teddy Roosevelt Island? Let me know where you prefer and I’ll announce the location on Monday. On Monday I’ll also pick the first 15 folks who want to go.

So where shall we go the Arboretem or Teddy Roosevelt Island?

  • Dane

    I vote TR Island, it being very accessible via transit.

    • MP

      I agree with TR Island since I haven’t been there.

    • +1 for TR Island

  • I vote TR island also, although I’m not 100% sure I’ll go.

  • Anonymous

    Arboretum is larger, quieter, more natural/ wild.

    I’ve always felt TR was just a nice setting for the statue… but there’s nothing wildernessy about it.

    • Have you actually walked around TR besides the statue area? Like the marsh trail. It’s pretty wildernessy! Besides all the birds (herons, ducks, hawks, woodpeckers) there are deer and lots of snakes. I’d love to go on the birdwalk and could offer to drive 3-4 people.

  • Yes!! I’d love to go! Honestly I was thinking about posting a forum message seeking out fellow birders on PoPville. I vote for the Arboretum only because I’ve never been there and would love to explore it with a knowledgeable birder.

  • TR – been to the Arbo many times – not many birds.

    Would also like to suggest Kingman Island for a future bird tour – MANY cool birds there

  • Rich

    Despite being surrounded by freeway and being kind of noisy, TR has an easle’s nest and has a decent sized marsh. Much more likely to see birds.

  • Anon4

    I’d love to go as well! I’d suggest Huntley Meadows, but that might be too far away. In that case TR Island probably is the best bet.

  • lmp1

    While the birding is good at both locations, I vote for the Arboretum. The azalea garden has warblers in the spring; fern valley will give you forest birds, like woodpeckers, and the asia trail down to the river gives you a chance at some water birds. You’re more likely to get marshy birds, like certain sparrows, redwing blackbirds, and herons, at Roosevelt Island, but all in all, I think the habitat is more diverse at the Arboretum.

  • Anonymous

    Too many people at the Arboretum this time of year. I would choose TR Island.

  • Reader

    I’ve never been to TR island, but the Arboretum is amazing. Think I’d be happy with either.

  • Arboretum!

  • For future PoPville Birding trips, I suggest Kenilworth Gardens.

  • angela n.

    This sounds great! Thanks to the Nature Conservancy!!

    I vote TR, as it is easier to get to without a car.


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