PoP Preview – Glen’s Garden Market Opening Sunday April 21st in Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2013 at 10:30 am 26 Comments

Sign Going Up at the Former Townhouse/Secret Safeway at 20th and S St, NW

Back in June 2012 we first learned Glen’s Garden Market would be opening up in the former Townhouse/Secret Safeway at 20th and S Street, NW.


In Oct. 2012 we also learned they’d be selling local wine and beer.


In Dec. 2012 we learned some cool history and that they’d be opening April 21st. The day has nearly arrived. I was able to stop by and snap a few photos while the store was getting finishing touches. I’m happy to say here’s another incredible transformation – especially  remarkable for those who remember what the old secret Safeway looked like.

For those not familiar with Glen’s – their website explains:

At Glen’s Garden Market, shoppers will select from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed’s finest produce, meats, poultry, dairy products and specialty foods in a space designed to celebrate seasonality and offer unprecedented access to environmentally sustainable, locally grown foods. The store will showcase foods grown or created by farmers and artisans in DC, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York.

The store itself was constructed using sustainable building materials as well as highly efficient lighting, refrigeration and cooking equipment. Additionally, doors have been installed on the service cases to avoid wasting refrigerant. The bar itself is made of recycled paper. Consistent with the store’s environmental focus, minimizing waste will be a priority at Glen’s Garden Market. No paper or plastic will be available at check out and used only as absolutely required in other areas of the store. The store will offer only reusable bags made from recycled content. Additionally, the store will separate out compostable materials from garbage and recycling and provide it back to local farmers to complete the composting process and use as fertile soil in their fields.

Glen’s Garden Market will be open from 8am until 10pm, seven days a week.

Lots more photos after the jump.

View from front to back

Bar area up front

local beer

Beer to go

Huge deli in back




Coffee bar

coffee to go


  • Looks awesome – sort of sad I don’t live nearby anymore (well, not THAT sad). Will have to make a point to visit next time I’m in the area

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I never find myself anywhere near Dupont anymore either but this ALMOST makes me want to go there. Maybe if I pair it with a Phillips collection visit and some Kramerbooks browsing it’ll be worth the trip. :)

  • manimal

    that looks amazing!

  • very cool! welcome.

  • I don’t live anywhere near this anymore but I am still excited about it! Now, if only some art house theater would rehab the old Visions.

  • ceep

    Based on the number of buzzwords in this description, I’m predicting things will be way too pricey to be a grocery store that I’d visit on a regular basis.

  • D

    You must be a miserable person. It’s not your money, it’s not on your property, and it certainly wasn’t your effort to get this place open. Learn to live and let be.

    • Anonymous

      Oh c’mon, was that necessary?

      This place looks super nice so far. Seems like it’s more Dean and Deluca than Whole Foods, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

      • Timmy

        Judging by some of the articles that have been written, I think Dean and Deluca’s is a good comparison. They’re hoping to make up for not carrying many items from afar by selling lots of prepared foods. I’m excited!

    • D

      That was in response to a very negative comment that disappeared.

  • Anonymous

    Any word on if they will be filling growlers?

    • Anon

      Yeah, that’s what I was wondering, when I saw they had beer on tap… anyone know?

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Yes I’m 99% sure they will be filling growlers. There were a bunch of Glen’s growlers in the beer section.

    • Anonymous

      Am I the only one who thinks growler trend is supremely overrated? The beer goes flat within a day or two and you need to lug that stupid jug around to get it filled.

      It makes me feel like an over-paying hobo.

      • Timmy

        Certain things about the growler trend are certainly overrated. Often the beer is no fresher than a bomber bottle, and is more expensive per ounce. On the other hand, when De Vinos sold growlers, they often times got kegs of beers that otherwise wouldn’t be available in the area.

  • Anonymous

    That’s dumb not to offer bags. That’s on my bike route home, but I don’t like to put meats and liquid groceries in my backpack and I sure as hell don’t need another stupid tote. Kind of a disincentive for an impulse shopping detour.

    • jcm

      Why don’t you keep one of your totes in your backpack? Then you’ll always be prepared.

  • Anonymous

    Omg, omg, I am so excited! I live two blocks away.

  • anon

    I’ve seen lots of press on this place, but not one word on price points. Anybody have any idea on what staples (milk/butter/meat) will cost? Whole Foods equivalent, or Whole Foods + $$$? I have a feeling that if I have to ask … you know.

    • Rachel

      Not cheap…..

  • The place looks amazing. Can’t wait to try that place.

  • Bernadette

    I am ECSTATIC to have this a block from me. This will be a gift to Northern Dupont!! Love that there is an eat-in component too so it really becomes part of the neighborhood.

  • AMDCer

    Really looking forward to this, mostly for the produce section (no pics of that but I’m guessing it’s not stocked yet). It will be nice to pick up fresh items on the way home that I can use for the next day or two.

  • luke

    For us at 1811 19th St., this is not quite but close in significance to The Second Coming.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, it’s the most exciting development in this part of the neighborhood since the Real World house opened!

  • tlg

    this place looks great and full of deliciousness – i just wish a place with such great quality food would open that’s more affordable so food access could be widened for lower-income households. i know it’s not a low-income area, but it continues the trend that if something is healthy/fresh/quality then it’s pricey.


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