• Brian Vargas

    I was sad and angry they tore down the huge, old magnolia tree on the north side of the building, too. There was no reason for that.

    • writehere

      Agreed on the magnolia tree –unfortunate collateral damage. Still glad it’s gone considering all the issues w/ the property…I’m also pleasantly surprised how (relatively) quickly they’re removing the mess.

    • Anonymous

      And I was even sadder than you that we are without a motel in our neighborhood now. Perhaps zoning will dictate what is built in its place. Maybe a Motel 6 or something else affordable would be appropriate.

      • Anonymous

        this area has been motel-less for ages now. The only people that place served were the folks who squatted there for years

  • saf

    I am sad.

  • Chops

    Does anybody know what they’ll be building in its place?

    • Anonymous

      Knowing that area, a mixed use development complete with an Olive Garden. hahahah Chain hell up there.

    • Anonymous
      • trubs

        I spoke with the developer the day they were demolishing the building. He said 20 condos (as the link here says). He said the retail space on the 1st floor would be a 7-11. He said they were improving the neighborhood. A 7-11 sounds like a bad improvement to me, I hope it doesn’t hurt the local corner stores.

  • Im surprised that place stayed up as long as it did. It was notorious for it’s “clientele”

  • wobble

    Wow! that was fast! Maybe a planned fire??

    Oh, my!

  • Anonymous

    Motel 6! are you serious? Bad enough we have a Ihop..

  • Tpm

    God no, no Motel 6 – terrible idea. A decent restaurant would be nice. Actually, anything that’s a deterrent to the slack-jawed folks who loiter around the 14th & Spring area and throw their garbage everywhere would be appreciated.

  • Totally seems like a planned fire…..

  • petwurf

    funny how quickly you can get a demo permit after your property mysteriously catches fire . . .


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