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MPD Text Tip – Two Men Seen Pouring Something into Girls’ Drinks in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2013 at 9:45 am 29 Comments

From AlertDC:

MPD Text Tip Update:
Two white males at brass monkey on Adams
Morgan pouring something into girls\’ drinks and
watching them closely after
Individuals still at brass monkey
Club Zone #4 on scene investigating @0042hrs. nothing found @0215hrs

  • Kudos to MPD for bringing attention to this! It’s amazing how many people “don’t believe” that this actually happens.

    • mh


      That is because, with the extremely rare exception, it doesn’t.

      Story from a self-confessed feminist reporting on a study disproving the myth:

      Wikipedia article with links to study:

      If illegal drugging was occurring, I would be glad the MPD got on the case. Drugging someone against his or her consent is potentially lethal, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law . Luckily, it almost never occurs. There is no need to check your Halloween apple for razor blades, nor your cocktail for strange chemicals.

      People having adverse reactions to consensual consumption of ethanol is much more common. Unfortunately, it seems that a possibly intoxicated person reported on something they thought they saw happen — an act that almost never happens in reality — and police resources were used investigating on an urban myth, when those resources could have been used much more efficiently dealing with the results of legal self-induced ethanol drugging on the streets of Adams Morgan.

      The reason police found nothing after investigating from 12:42-2:15 was because no men were dumping strange substances into women’s drinks and no women were ingesting chemicals that they were unaware of. People were simply getting drunk and seeing scary men dumping things into cocktails, and hooks hanging from the rear-view mirror.

      • Anonymous


        Um, no. This happens with regularity. I personally know three women who were roofied and raped at some point in their lives. And I have experienced one of my buddies getting roofied at a club (it was his first drink of the night, we had to take him home at 1030pm – he didn’t remember a thing).

        I know my experience doesn’t constitute a statistically significant sample, but rohypnol or GHB poisoning does, in fact, happen. To try to explain it away is a disingenuous attempt to explain away rapists’ intent to take advantage of helpless victims (“she drank too much and now she regrets the next day!”, “well, she decided to go to a bar and have a few drinks…she shouldn’t have been there”, etc.)

        • teej

          “This happens with regularity…. I know my experience doesn’t constitute a statistically significant sample,” but I assure you it happens with regularity. Just look at my statistically insignificant sample for proof!

        • Nate

          @ anonymous Oh please, save us the over exaggerated drama of knowing everyone that’s ever done anything. Running out to the camera crew with the old, “I knew her, she was my BEST friend EVER” is sooooo uninteresting.
          Honestly!! If people don’t know by now to not sit their drink down in a bar…who cares. ESPECIALLY WOMEN !!
          Take some personal responsibilty for your actions.

          • asdfa

            Victim blaming. Impressive.

        • Anonymous

          3 people whose toxicology tests came back showing GHB or Rohypnol?! That’s really remarkable and honestly hard to believe.

          • Anonymous

            Just FYI, both rohypnol and GHB can be tested in the urine, but rohynol must be done in the period of 12-24 hours after exposure. Read: highly unlikely someone was seen during that time period. Have you seen an emergency room waiting room recently? GHB has to be tested within 60 hours. However, quantities and concentrations used are so low that is unlikely for it to be detected.

            My point: Don’t leave your drink unattended. Even in the off chance that this horrible thing may happen to you there is almost never a way to prove it.

      • BitterElitist

        Ahhh…the MRA denier.

        I’ve had two people explain how this has happened to them. One was raped.

        Frankly, you sound like a would-be rapist.

      • So Amanda Hess of the City Paper is a “self-confessed feminist,” eh? Feminism is now something to “confess,” like a guilty fondness for trashy reality shows?

      • Anon X

        The fact that date rape drugs and bush lurking rapists both dont happen as often as some people think, doesnt mean they dont happen.

        Some people tend to think that there is an ever-present severe risk of being drugged. This isnt true. But, peoples’ overall perception of the likelihood of any crime is out of whack.

        However, people should be aware of their surroundings and be suspicious of anything that makes them uncomfortable.

        Also, saying druggings never happen is neither true nor particularly helpful. it just makes you look weird.

        • +1.

          Just because people’s perception of a risk may be disproportionate to the actual risk doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

          • Indeed. And I resent use of the phrase “hooks hanging from the rear-view mirror.” That really dismisses women’s issues as hysteria.

  • Anonymous

    If the cops were informed that this happened then how the hell were these dudes not immediately kicked out by the bar staff? There should be a no tolerance policy for this kind of malicious and dangerous behavior at bars and nightclubs. Makes me angry that they were allowed to sit around and “watch the girls closely.”

    • I imagine that someone at the bar called 911 and then the police responded.

  • Anonymous

    Please do take a mofos picture so actions can be taken. Dont just rely on the popo, photo the mofo.

    • Anonymous

      Well Said !

    • ah

      And then post it all over the internet so the NY Post can pick up the story and go front page with it.

  • Anonymous

    Every few weeks, one of these “MPD Text Tips” comes into my inbox, and usually has WAY more personally identifying information than is customary and appropriate (e.g. specific establishment names, license plate numbers of “suspicious” vehicles, names of responding officers, etc).

    Has anyone looked into whether these are simply egregious mistakes, rather than intentional public service announcements?

    And if it’s intentional, is it OK for the cops to put the details of random unverified 911 calls out to the public like this? If I call 911 about a suspicious car parked in front of my house, I REALLY don’t want it to turn into a city-wide text message.

    • I imagine for residences they’d just say “1400 block of W Street NW” or the equivalent.

  • Anonymous

    wtf does “nothing found @0215hrs” mean???

    • I believe it means they stopped investigating at 2:15 am when they’d been there since 12:42 am and hadn’t seen anything go down.

  • Jonathon

    What kind of person does that. One word: LOSER!

  • Anonymous

    It sounds as though the girls were not told that their drinks were tampered with ?!?

  • Jay

    Hey guys, why is anyone worrying about homicide? With extremely rare exception, it doesn’t happen that often. Here’s a story from a self-confessed homicide alarmist that disproves the myth:


    If homicide were occurring, I would be glad the MPD got on the case. Murdering someone against his or her consent is potentially lethal, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law . Luckily, it almost never occurs. There is no need to check your Halloween apple for razor blades, nor your mugger’s gun for bullets.

    In 2012, only 82 people were homicided. That’s out of a population of 632,323 in the District proper and 5,703,948 for the metropolitan region as a whole. Not to mention all the tourists who are coming to town.

    Unfortunately, it seems that drunk people are worrying about these acts of murder that almost never happen in reality — and police resources were used investigating on an urban myth.

    • NHAve

      +1 million

    • Bravo!

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Actually, you are sort of proving mh’s point. Murder does happen, but it is rare. Drugging drinks does happen – mh did not deny that. What he or she said is that it is rare – which it is. That doesn’t mean you should not be worried about it happening to you.


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