Monroe Street Market Rising

by Prince Of Petworth April 22, 2013 at 11:30 am 16 Comments


Speaking of development in Brookland…

A reader sends in a shot of Monroe Street Market rising at Monroe and Michigan Ave, NE. The reader titles the photo above: “Schwing”

For those not familiar with the project you can read more details here:

“When completed, the five-block, mixed-use project will consist of approximately 718 multi-family residential units, 45 townhouses and over 80,000 square feet of retail along with 14,000 square feet of artists’ space and a 3,000 square foot community arts center.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 9.52.56 AM
Rendering via H&R Retail

  • anon

    After all the fits and starts, when this is finished it will probably spark much more redevelopment on the 12th St corridor. Brookland is going to be unrecognizable in 10-15 years (in both good and bad ways).

    I didn’t realize how much they were changing the traffic pattern where Monroe hits Michigan Ave! This will be much improved, there is no more high speed lane for that right turn going east on Monroe. I’ve been almost hit a number of times crossing the street to the little traffic island there when I had the signal before they started construction; drivers ignore that red arrow all the time. Now it looks like it will be a normal right turn with no dedicated lane. I predict higher traffic flow continuing on Michigan Ave east for folks who were just using Monroe as a connector to Rhode Island/S Dakota Aves

    • joebuck

      As a resident of Monroe street further down, I hope you are correct about those folks cutting through, but as many Maryland tags I see during rush hours i doubt it…

      • anon

        The construction doesn’t seem to have slowed it down all that much, true. But when the right turn lane has to share a lane with through traffic that may discourage people turning right there. Who knows. I don’t see how this will affect westbound Monroe traffic. The development and foot traffic will have some calming influence (but I haven’t seen any actual plans for passive traffic calming measures, so who knows)

  • wobble

    It’s interesting that only 25% of the population whithin a mile radius is white, but the back page of the brochure appears to have only white models. That must be annoying to the anti-gentrifiers.

    • Anonymous

      “Here comes the white people! Prepare for the avalanche!”

      • Anonymous

        i remember an anc meeting in bloomingdale back in 2002 when one older black lady yelled “the white people are coming”. everyone laughed.
        i think they all believed her, but it was still funny.

        • Anonymous

          My white self was in a liquor store on 14th in Columbia Heights a few weeks back when a non-white patron began to berate the store owner? clerk? for only carrying the product white people want. Awkward pause. We both look at each other and laugh. No apologies on either side. Just the way it is and no hard feelings. Except about the ethno-centric selection of booze.

          • js

            Easy to make jokes about it when you’re not the one being marginalized.

      • Native Son

        In Brookland the call should be “The white people are coming (back)!”

  • BeverlyS

    Great shot! The top, from this angle, currently resembles the papal mitre (Pope’s hat), no?

    • JL

      Definitely looks like a mitre… that was my exact thought as well!

  • Anonymous

    my gf thinks it looks like a dildo, kinda like one of those pocket rocket bullet thingys

  • zandunga

    As a Catholic U alumni, this looks amazing. Wished it were around when I went to school there.

    • anon


      sorry, had to.

      • rockcreekrunner

        Give him/her a break. Why would they teach Latin at a Catholic school?

  • Anonymous

    As a Brookland homeowner who bought five years ago, all I can say is “cha-CHING!” The investment, she will pay off…


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