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Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Truxton Circle

by Prince Of Petworth April 29, 2013 at 3:00 pm 28 Comments

226 Bates Street Northwest

This rental is located at 226 Bates Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Terrific “pied a terre” flat, walk up, 2nd level renov contemp unit w/ traditional details, hdwd floors, galley kit, rear enclosed porch, large BR, bath, W/D. Approx 840 sf. NO CATS, Dogs case by case. Convenient to Georgetown Law School, Howard Un, Dwntwn, Cap Hill. Showings in afternoon for weekend; during week by advance appt due to friendly dog, preferably early evenings.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,575/Mo.

  • Anonymous

    no cats but dogs are okay? is that a common thing?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not common from what I’ve seen, but maybe the owner of the unit is allergic. I am, and if I planned to return to my unit someday, I’d much rather just have a blanket no-cats policy than have to worry about a post-tenant cleaning that was thorough enough to rid the place of all dander (which can stubbornly stick around for a while).

    • Yeah, I was assuming it was an “owner is allergic to cats” thing–either the owner of that unit wants to keep his/her options open for returning without having to deep-clean the unit, or maybe the owner is super-allergic, owns the whole building, and lives in the building as well?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, believe it or not, cats can potentially cause far more damage to a rental unit than dogs. Especially with carpet or hardwood floors. And it would seem that cat allergies are more prevalent than dog allergies.

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous rents have even hit Truxton? Dang.

  • Anonymous

    Would need to see more photos but this doesn’t seem like a bad deal. I like the newer renovation and those skylights are awesome. 840 sq ft is a generous size for a 1BR. The area isn’t the best in terms of local amenities, but if you have a car for grocery & errand runs, you’ll be good. I’d negotiate to get a parking spot included at that price (if possible). Otherwise, I’d see if they would go down to $1450.

    • anonymous

      There are actually lots of amenities in the neighborhood, including a whole bunch of restaurants and bars (rustik, beau thai, thai x-ing, red hen, big bear, uncle chip’s, boundary stone, etc.), grocery stores (safeway at mt. vernon square and harris teeter at Constitution square are both totally walkable, plus the new giant being built at 7th and P), multiple dry cleaners and several parks.

      • Anon

        You’re being pretty generous with your definition of “in the neighborhood.” Most of the stuff you listed isn’t even located within the boundaries of Truxton Circle.

        • OP Anon

          Totally agree with you. Yes, Bloomingdale, Eckington, and the local environs are getting new businesses. But they are basically cheap scraps when you compare the amenities one can find in the Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Adams Morgan, or U Street/14th Street areas. I currently live on U Street and have a huge number of options with three blocks of me. I’d have to walk a lot further (and dodge the housing projects) in the area around this rental.

          That said, uglier and smaller 1BRs in Dupont, Adams Morgan, and U Street are now going for around $2K/month.

          • Anonymous

            scraps? hahahaha. that’s funny.

            the 2 best thai places in the city are within blocks. the best coffee shop in the city is barely 2 blocks. the best neighborhood bar is 4 blocks, and short ones.

            so, while yes, there are very few offerings, they are pretty bad ass.

            that said, this apartment is way too expensive.

          • Anonymous

            which bar on u street would you favorably compare to boundary stone?

            which nice restaurant would you favorably compare w/ red hen?

            which thai food place would you favorably compare with Thai X-Ing or Beau Thai?

            which coffee shop would you favorably compare to Big Bear?

          • This “if it’s in my neighborhood, it’s the best in the city” thing is truly comical. I love the over-the-top Bloomingdale posts.

          • JS

            The best neighborhood bar in DC is the one closest to your house. Little Serow is not only the best Thai restaurant in the city, it’s been named the best restaurant in the country. There’s a ton of coffee shops that are similiar to Big Bear – Chinatown Coffee for example. And it’s still waaaaay to early to declare Red Hen one of the best restaurants in the city.

            I understand the neighborhood pride but really, the claims that Bloomingdale has the best of everything is a little ridiculous. I’m glad it works for you, but please don’t claim it’s some kind of self-evident truth.

          • Anonymous

            People get prideful and defensive about their hood when their hood is insulted. Just don’t insult other people’s hoods.

            Be civil, and you don’t get the responses you don’t like.

  • OP Anon

    You’re smoking some strong stuff if you think this area is half as convenient as any of the areas I listed. No one would really pay much notice if Boundary Stone, Red Hen, Big Bear, etc. would have opened up in DuPont Circle. The reason they are so popular is because these areas have been critically under served by the business community – residents are literally begging them to take their money. Even if Big Bear was mediocre, they’d still do great business because there ain’t much competition.

    • Anonymous

      way not to answer the question. which neighborhood bar, thai food, or coffee shop in dupont circle are you comparing favorably to boundary stone, thai xing, or big bear?

      • Anonymous

        Does it really matter? You’re just going to tell him that the places he likes sucks and that places in your neighborhood are so much better. Sycophant much?

        • xxx

          what does being a sycophant have to do with it? i don’t get it.

    • Anonymous

      windows is mediocre and they don’t do great business.

    • Anonymous

      this x 1000

      • Anonymous

        Except for the whole Windows Cafe thing. Or Ella’s before it. Or that no ones mentioned Rustik. Or Pizarro. Or that coffeeshop that was on florida for a minute. No ones claiming jam doung as the best, or uncle chips, or revive, or b&j seafood.

        But yeah, the other places are only good because of where they are. Hahahaha.

        Whatever clowns. Keep entertaining us.

        • Anonymous

          And no one is claiming aroi as the best either. The argument just don’t fly.

    • Eckingtonian

      I’m guessing you haven’t actually been to Red Hen. It’s one of the best meals I’ve had in DC, especially at that price range. Dupont restaurants are certainly plentiful, but virtually all of the meals I’ve had there have been distinctly mediocre, at best.

  • These neighborhood comparisons are just absurd. For one, this listing is not in Bloomingdale, or Shaw, so the fact that you can walk to those neighborhoods from here is somewhat tangential, and can be applied to many listings in other neighborhoods if you’re somehow obsessed with those particular areas.

    Secondly, this over obsession with the 5 places Bloomingdale has is a repeated ridiculous love affair. For the people hung up on comparing it to Dupont Circle (not sure why, as they couldn’t be more different in terms of neighborhood, but whatever), I would much rather take Little Serow, Obelisk, v Falafel, Pizzeria Paradiso, Big Hunt, GBD, St. Arnold’s, Russia House, Board Room, Tabard Inn, Filter Coffee, Bistro Du Coin, Bub and Pop’s, Urbana, Ezme, IWPH, Kramerbooks, DGS, and Scion all in my neighborhood, and be a few blocks from Blue Duck Tavern, or Black Jack, ChurchKey, The Pig, and etc for all the stuff in Logan Circle or Jack Rose and etc for all the places up in Adams Morgan. Never once would the 5 little possibly great places in Bloomingdale come up on my radar if I lived there, stop fooling yourselves.

    • Mari

      Why isn’t it Shaw? Truxton is within the Shaw School Urban Renewal Area boundaries, it’s just a part of old Shaw, the way U Street and Logan Circle are ‘historically’ part of Shaw.
      But these boundaries don’t matter when it is just a matter of walking 5-10 minutes to getting to Big Bear or the Bloomingdale Farmers Market, or Beau Thai. Boundaries only matter with ABRA petitions, police districts, ANC and other city services stuff.

    • Anonymous

      People get so small minded sometimes. All the places you mentioned are within 1.5 miles from this listing.
      And of course it’s in shaw.

      • Mari

        Even less than that, .25-.5 miles from the Shaw metro, Thai-xing, Beau Thai, Red Hen, etc. 1.5 miles and you’re downtown, which is great if you work downtown.
        I live in the TC and my work is a little over 1.5 miles, I have the option of walking back home on a sunny day. Some people walk/bike to work regardless of the weather.
        There is a lot within a mile of that location. Probably not as much as Dupont, but you know, sometimes a lot is too much, particularly when you’re trying to find a parking spot or get some sleep.

      • People are “small minded” because the real estate market works on that scale. Prices fluctuate greatly based even on city blocks, let alone neighborhoods, and a 1.5 mile scale for evaluating property value is just absurd. You might as well say Virginia isn’t that far away, so everything should be priced the way it is on Columbia Pike.


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