• Anonymous

    I’ve seen that guy riding down H Street NE in the past. I wonder where they keep them!

  • Love seeing horses anywhere, but ugh, no helmets! I don’t understand how anyone can get on a horse without putting on a helmet first.

    • Anonymous

      they should have training wheels too. maybe a fall arrest system.

    • Q-Street

      Helmet? This isn’t dressage.

      • Dressage riders generally don’t wear helmets, although I think that is changing, too. Anyone who gets on a horse should wear a helmet. Not doing so is dangerous and sets a bad example. One of the horses I ride is a docile, well-mannered gentleman, yet I know two people who have been thrown by him. Both broke a femur. Yeah, yeah, a helmet doesn’t prevent a broken leg, but it does prevent head injuries. And any horse, no matter how well trained, can freak out. Riding horses is dangerous.

        Training wheels – aka side reins – exist, but only for rank beginners. And the personal air bag – they exist too – is only necessary if you’re doing something really dangerous like cross country.

        • Anonymous

          all those damed cowboy and indian movies are so unsafe.

          • Growing up, a horse I used to ride who was the most mild-mannered, sweet easy-going guy slipped in mud, did a flip, and somehow I ended up underneath him. He starting walking forward and stepped on my head. He probably weighed 1600 pounds. So yeah, helmets are cool.

          • Anonymous

            i’m glad your head is okay.

            there are virtually no things you could do that a helmet wouldn’t make you safer.

            yoga. walking. acrobatic sex. driving.

  • Angryparakeet

    I believe they are members of the Federation of Black Cowboys, probably here to participate in the Cherry Blossom parade. They probably trailered them in from Prince Georges Co. since they are pictured here on the East side of town. I have a friend who participates in the annual rodeo event sponsored by the group which has a youth orientation.

    • Interesting. There was a New York Times article not long ago about neglect of horses at a stable operated by that group:


      • AngryParakeet

        I read that article this morning when searching for the proper name of the organization. Clearly they are not capable of running a “rough board” stable – rough board means “cheap” and so the owners may not be responsible. The rough board situations I was in with my horses always had some neglectful owners and we would cover for the owners out of concern for the horse but then finally some big injury or illness would occur.

  • There was a gathering at the African American Civil War Memorial that they were hanging out at after walking west on Rhode I.

  • Anonymous

    These individuals were participating in the Cherry Blossom Parade on Sunday and were heading back to their trailers to load the horses. We do parades all the time and the Western Ensemble is the uniform of the day at these events. We all know the risks and understand the risks. Helmets are our friend as well, however, you most likely wont see a helmet at one of these events and or at any western related equestrian show. We appreciate the concerns.


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