• Mike

    Oh no! You’ll have to go a whole block to board the bus!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it seems a bit asinine to have so many bus stop along 14th between the circle and U Street. Traffic would move much more quickly if the bus only made two stops between those points (say, P Street and S Street).

      • Rococo

        Agree 100% it takes an eternity to travel on the 14th street buses during that stretch with stops at N, Rhode Island, Q, R, S (and more after that I’m probably forgetting).

  • That stop should be discontinued FOREVER. How ridiculous. It’s quicker to walk than take the 14th street bus.

  • Even with one stop down it still beats the hell out of the 16th Street line, where it’s nearly impossible to even get on a bus. When I used to live on Corcoran between 15th and 14th I would always opt for the 14th St line, even if where I was going was on 16th St.

    • Prince Of Petworth
      • Haha, wow, that’s literally the first day after the last time I would have taken that bus. Go figure.

    • Bus Rider

      Believe me, there are plenty of times when the 14th St buses are too full to board too. All the improvements they’e rmaing on teh 16th St line could be applied to 14th too.

      • Yeah I’ve definitely been passed by a 14th St bus, but it’s maybe 1 out of 10, whereas 16th St you’re lucky to get on 1 out of 10 (in my experience, before the changes mentioned).

    • I’m an S Rider and since they added more, it’s been heavenly! I get on around 8:30 and I’m at McPhereson in 25 minutes.

      • Considering these new routes are less than 2 miles long, is 25 minutes really all that great? It might be better than it used to be, but you could walk that in 30 minutes or bike it in 10.

        • It’s definitely more convenient to bike, but some days that’s an unlikely option (in torrential rain, for example).

  • Anonymous

    They should cut out half of the bus stops along 14th and 16th Streets.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. And if they have a disabled person get on, they can make a special stop just for them. But it’s silly to stop practically every block; it’s a huge waste of time and a big source of congestion on both 14th and 16th Streets.

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, DC buses don’t make special stops for anyone, so this will not work. Frequent bus stops are inconvenient, but a lot of elderly and disabled people take the bus. The best solution is not to reduce all bus stops, but to come up with creative ideas for rush hour express service that would skip some of these stops.

        • Such as the S9. Wonder why they don’t have a similar express bus on 14th st.

          • My kingdom for Metro to start a 59 bus between L’Enfant and Takoma. Hell, I’d even take 14th and Colorado.

          • Anonymous

            It’s called the Circulator, which is the only 14th St bus I’ll take. More Circulators!

        • hma

          Like the 42/43.

  • The Circulator is indeed pretty awesome… and unsurprisingly, it’s not run by WMATA.

    The D.C. government does a lot of things poorly, but I’ve gotta hand it to them for the Circulator.

    • Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to the post above it.

  • hma

    Amen. I think every other stop should be eliminated.

  • I only use the Circulator to get anywhere on 14th. Only one stop between U and the circle (P St)… it’s great! and cheap!


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