Happy 7th Anniversary Duffy’s – “Free Wings and Tots for all”!!!

by Prince Of Petworth April 23, 2013 at 1:45 pm 10 Comments

2106 Vermont Avenue, NW

From Duffy’s facebook page:

Thanks for Getting us to Our 7th Anniversary!
We appreciate all our Customers and as a small token of Gratitude We invite you a special happy hour

Tuesday 4/23 from 4pm to 7pm
(must be 21 with proper ID)

Free Wings and Tots for all

Ridiculous Beer Specials!
$1 Miller Lite 16oz Nats Cans or Draft
$2 16oz Heineken Pub Cans or Draft
$2 Sam Adams Boston Lager or Summer Ale
$1 PBR or Natty Boh Tall Boys
$5 Jameson Shots!

Happy anniversary Duffy!

  • bizzinger


    Sorry, that’s all I have.

  • Anna Cooper

    @Pop – Do you know when Duffy’s is getting outside seating?!

    • Anonymous

      Last I heard, the idea got shot down and it’s not going to happen, but the Duffy’s patio seating has been on again-off again since they opened, so I wouldn’t count them out.

    • Anonymous

      They have a Protest Hearing for this tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I shouldn’t be but I’m amazed that a place like this with zero character and food that ranges from average to lousy has managed to survive this long. Hooray for mediocrity!

    • Don’t you mean “Happy anniversary and congratulations” instead?

  • I tried the Irish burrito once. As someone whose family is all Irish I should have been insulted by how awful it was, but our food is notoriously shitty anyway, so who am I to judge?

  • Duffy’s Irish Pub

    Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words shall never hurt me :)

    • Anonymous


    • I think it’s pretty cool what you offered to your loyal customers. Not my kind of bar, but still respect you for it.


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