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  • and sadly, people will pay for that.

    • am2o

      Pay Sure, I pay when I go to the Giant to buy PB & Nutella. I’m wondering what the markup will be on this?

      • It also prevents you from having a whole bottle of nutella at home to go HAM on… I’d actually like a place where I could get a toasted Strawberry Jam and chunky peanut butter sandwich for lunch… Pretty original concept for these parts…

      • Pretty sure they are mostly targeting tourists visiting the zoo looking for a quick bite rather than DC residents that could easily prepare the same thing at much lower cost at home. Pretty sure this will be lucrative for them.

    • Caroline

      The advantage of buying a Nutella sandwich instead of making your own is that you’re not stuck with a jar of Nutella (which emits some magical force that causes people to eat the entire jar all at once).

      • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing — that’s the only good justification I can think of. Unless the PB and Nutella is on “artisanal” bread or something.

      • especially if you have some pretzel rods nearby.
        That nutella will last about 5 minutes.

      • amen

    • Anonymous

      Ever been a retail establishment before? People buy water too! Or tea. Or coffee.

  • DF

    Hold your horses…. They make them “Daily”?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe someone should start a peanut butter sandwich food truck.

    • They have one, but like the infamous pink spotted Unicorn that shoots lasers from it’s horn, it’s hard to find. :(

      • Pat

        Actually they had one. It only lasted a few months because no one was willing to pay over $5 for a PB&J. They used different nut butters and tried to be creative but it failed.

  • I give it a week before the neighborhood association files a protest that the shop attracts the “wrong element;” (i.e., people).

  • Anonymous

    I die every time I pass a frozenyo and see the .29¢ water sign. If I give them a penny, I expect 3 bottles of water plus change. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Veezey

    OMG. I used to make those when I lived abroad in Egypt (there’s enough of an expat presence that you can find both). My friends thought it sounded revolting, but it was like a little slice of home and heaven. The only reason I didn’t gain weight that summer was because I sweated profusely more or less all the time and because I got sick and lost my appetite for a week.

  • Anonymous

    Peanut Butter and Nutella has been my go-to for years now. Put that shit in waffle batter and watch your breakfast go from acceptable to MONEY.

  • Blithe

    Any peanut butter and bacon sandwich lovers out there? Maybe we can get them to expand their menu!

  • It’s basically like a Reese’s Cup in between bread. I used to just take a spoon and dip it in both and eat when I wanted a sweet snack. Then I stopped keeping Nutella in the house because it’s hard to resist.

  • KenyonDweller

    Nutella is disgusting. There, I said it. I know I’m in the minority, but that sh*t’s nasty.

    • Anonymous

      Homemade’s definitely better.

      • Anonymous

        I still don’t understand why people buy products from corporations when its so easy to diy


  • Meh, unless they’re selling cereal, I’m not interested.

  • Annie

    My husband has been making PB & Nutella sandwiches since college, and long ago dubbed them ‘candy sammiches.’


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