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  • Not sure there’s a worse pizza in DC than M&O’s.

    • Seriously – how is this chain expanding?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but I wholeheartedly disagree. Gourmet? No. Spectacular? No. But the worst? No way. That honor belongs to Ledos and Dominos.

      • Nolo

        Wrong on Ledo.

      • I would take Dominos over M&O. I never even liked walking by the one on 14th, the smell alone is unappetizing.

    • anon

      Yeah, I had their pizza once when I was starving and could barely make it through a couple of slices. Blechhh!!!

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Maybe it’s just this location. I had M&O once at a girlfriend’s place in Bethesda and it was decent. But the first (and last) time I ordered it from the GA Ave store it was just terrible. Tasted completely different and bad.
      I am still angry that the Mario’s pizza place that used to be next to the nail salon (across from Looking Glass) closed up a few months after I moved to this area. That was like 7 years ago and I’m still pissed.

      • Anonymous

        I used to get it delivered from the Georgetown location pretty regularly, and while it was nothing special, it was never all that bad.

        • Anonymous

          +1 Same here. The Georgetown location was fine. Perhaps it is just this “rotten apple” location?

          • Maybe. I used to get M&O from 14th street, and it wasn’t too bad, but now I live by this one, and it’s just foul.

  • Anonymous

    I always wanted that BBQ ribs sign. It is a great piece of folk art.

  • prupie

    I’m still traumatized by last year’s news of the Georgia Ave M&O place stealing and trafficking iphones, especially with the possibility that the staff was stealing them from pizza-buying clients

    I’d been wanting to ask PoP whether M&O’s had issued any statements about a complete turnaround in staff, or at least a deep cleaning, that would justify my feeling safe ordering from them again.

    • Anonymous

      They lost my business over this, and will NEVER get it back, no matter what they do. Let people know about this. They are criminals, and should not be in our community.


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