Five Years Ago… One of the First Million Dollar Homes Sold in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth April 29, 2013 at 4:00 pm 9 Comments


I might be mistaken but I believe this is one of the first single family homes to sell for over a million dollars in Columbia Heights. 1309 Kenyon Street, NW was originally listed at $1,299,000 but sold for $1,125,000 in Sept. 2008.

I wonder how much it would sell for today. It’s still one of my favorite homes in Columbia Heights:


  • According to public record, it also sold for $1.1 mil in 2005. I do agree, it’d probably go for much more today.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I shoulda said first $1,125,000 house :) So what do you think it would go for today?

  • That house had (hopefully still has!) an incredible amount of original Victorian detail, light fixtures etc. and newly done but bespoke period style wallpaper. A little overwhelming for my own taste – very B & B – but still lovely.

    • KenyonDweller

      I too have been inside. It’s like a Victorian museum, but with an updated kitchen and bath. Very beautiful, but not my taste either.

  • The Zillow estimate is $1.3 million. Are the photos current?


  • From the older post: The listing says “incredible spectacular one of a kind detached home beautifully renovated w original well preserved woodwrk main house has 5 bdrms 3 1 2 ba 3br 2 f bath legal apartment in lower level sunny rented 2500 month”.

    Well, I’d guess the legal apartment could probably go for about $3K a month in that neighborhood now, at the very least. And if I’m reading that right, it’s 5 BR house on top of that? I’d say at least $1.5M and maybe $1.8M at the high end. But that’s a wild guess…

  • It was my family friend’s home from 2005-2008. They renovated it and did run it as a B&B for the most part. So those photos are from 2008, but do not do the place justice at all. It is dark on the inside like the photos suggest, but it doesn’t look nearly as outdated. It is HUGE! I would say based on the selling market now, price per square foot, etc that it would be 1.7 million at least.

  • Zillow’s estimates are so awfully inaccurate in my experience. It’s definitely not my style, but I do love how much character it contains. The outside is really beautiful as well, and pretty awesome to find a place that large actually detached.

  • Elizabeth

    Don’t know what they could have done poist-2005. It had been lovingly and lavishly restored by Steve Kline and Perry Young before that, at great sweat and expense. They’d have music soirees in the parlor, and the house was on the Columbia Heights House Tour one year (1999-2000?).Also has a sort of landlocked alley/ public space- in the rear.


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