Dear PoPville – Light Tower on 11th Street

by Prince Of Petworth April 24, 2013 at 2:30 pm 22 Comments

11th and Park Rd, NW

Dear PoPville,

There’s a police light tower on 11th st in front of the dog park. I called downtown, and the officer I spoke to was friendly in his explanation that it’s only a preventative measure when there may have been recent crime in the area. None of us here on the 3300 block of 11th st NW are aware of anything recently. Does anyone have any other info? Gonna be tough to sleep tonight with the light of god in the window.

  • dat

    Be grateful it’s there. If you don’t want it, tell the officer to bring it up to Shepherd or Webster…

  • Anonymous

    As a veteran of this, I strongly recommend light-blocking window treatments. The mylar-lined ones work really well.

    • KenyonDweller

      You can get an inexpensive sleep mask at Target or CVS. I tried posting earlier with a link, but it didn’t post.

  • BigCountry

    There has been an incredibly high police presence on 11th these past few days. I heard it was due to an increase of robberies in the area (neighborhood gossip not from an official).

  • Derek M.

    Maybe because of the water balloon attacks on pitbulls from that roof deck near by?

  • There was an arrest (of two or three people) in the area on evening last week, though it never showed up on the 4th District’s daily list of arrests shared with the public.

    I’ve also seen shattered glass within a block of this area that looks like remnants of car break-ins.

    A permanent street lamp here might make sense.

    • Marquess of Milford Haven

      I have had one of those lights across from my house for nights….it’s a nightmare. Loud and nearly impossible to block the light from coming into the house.

      • I was suggesting a traditional street lamp (or series of them around the dog park). Not a flood lamp pointed up towards people’s windows.

    • Lindsay

      Where do you find a daily list of arrests? Do all wards make a list public?

      • There’s an email listserv for each MPD district. You can find a direct link to the messages on the homepage for each district.

  • It’s like collective punishment for allowing crime to occur in your neighborhood.

  • KenyonDweller
  • Big Sherm

    There was a girl robbed on 11th around El Chucho some evening last week. Supposedly there was also some riff raff around Meridian Pint or the condos next door last week too. And cars are broken into every night around here. I don’t know much more but there have definitely been a couple of incidents lately on this strip of 11th

  • Anonymous

    I was assaulted at 11th and Lamont in broad daylight back in January. A number of car thefts in the same 2-3 block radius. Seems odd for such a high trafficked area.

    • Anonymous

      Criminals don’t really think to much.

      • Anonymous


  • Anon

    Go to the police station (at night) and ask to speak with the NightHawk. That’s code for the Chief of Police on duty. Tell them that you have a legal right to quiet enjoyment of your residence and if police activities interfere with that, the MPD will be liable for putting you up in a hotel of similar level as your house. In other words, they are going to have to pay for thousands of dollars of hotel bills because they have disturbed the peace of your household.

    That is exactly what I did when they placed that light a few feet from my bedroom window. I tried putting metal foil on the window, but the neighbors complained that it made the house look like a crack house. After I spoke with the NightHawk on the phone that night, the light was moved within 3 minutes.

    • Do not go to the police district and ask for the Nighthawk.

      The Nighthawk is indeed the ranking police official on the overnights. A Captain from one of the Districts. In order to move that light from in front of your house, you should call the cell phone of the Lieutenant from your PSA. Looks like 302.

      Tell him about your issue and work something out. The anonymous poster above me shows what happens when you have just enough information to be dangerous.

      • Anon

        Wrong. A captain will not have the authority to move it or will “have to discuss it with his/her superiors”. Always go to the top in D.C. D.C. government is a top down effort. If you have a problem, you need to start with your city council person or the police chief. Going lower does not work.

        Demand to talk to NightHalk. It’s your right.

        • Right because it’s a great use of resources to take the ranking law enforcement official in DC off the street to deal with a light shining in your window. Will this get results? Possibly, depends on how busy it is. If the NH is at a shooting in 7D, does he really want to talk to someone in 2D about a light pollution issue?

          If it’s not an emergency, which apparently this person felt it was (its not), you can wait until the next day and call your district. They will appreciate that you didn’t go 17 levels over their heads.

          • Anon

            Of course this will get results. Nothing in D.C. happens unless a high ranking official (usually a council person) orders it to be done. So going 17 levels (your term not mine) will get NOTHING done because they either don’t care, are understaffed, or simply don’t have the authority.

            Why can’t you understand that D.C. is top-down for everything. So it is not wasting resources when it is actually how everything is handled in D.C.

            What would be a waste of resources is if the police did nothing and the other person had to sue the city to get the light moved. 3 minutes of the Nighthawk’s time is money and time worth spent to have the District avoid paying yet another settlement to a home-owner that has been wronged by D.C. officials.

            Just saying…

    • anon

      What a moron


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