Chez Billy’s Back Patio Gets a New Bar – Opens this Sunday. Celebrate their 1 Year Anniversary with $1 Stella pints next Tues.-Thurs.

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2013 at 12:00 pm 11 Comments


Hard to believe it’s already been a year! And it keeps getting better – check out the new bar they put in the back patio. The patio and bar will open this Sunday around 5:30 for the Capital Bop’s Jazz gathering. The back patio and bar will then be open at 5:30pm daily.

And to celebrate their anniversary:

“We will be offering $1 Stella pints from 5:30 – 7:00 next Tuesday – Thursday (16-18) at our just completed patio bar. In addition, customers in our dining room will be able to purchase select bottles of wine at half price during this same time frame.”


More photos after the jump.


“The patio bar and beer garden features seating for 50; 6 beers on tap; wines by the glass and full cocktail service. Our full dinner menu is available as well.”


3815 Georgia Ave, NW

  • Anonymous

    I love Chez, but its a HEATBOX on that patio and it turns into a sauna with the sun beaming down. I noticed the roof looks a bit different so hopefully it helps and it’s different from last year when they first opened.

    • Given the weather, get there as quick as you can.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t you hear me yell-a?
    You’re puttin’ me through Hell-a!
    Stella, STELLA!!!!

  • Their facebook page says it opens tomorrow (Friday).
    I kind of wish they could have fit some seating at the bar itself. I’m too cranky to share a picnic table with others.

    • I actually hate bars with seats in front of them, patrons sit there blocking people who come up to order drinks…. They should maybe have rails along the side walls. Looks like fun there, I’ll try it before spring is out, provided the drink prices are reasonable.

      • Tend to agree, especially at bars that are PACKED (IE before caps games)

        The area in front of the bar is the place to get drinks, not to have to lean over some guys shoulder etc.

    • saf


      Call me and we’ll come share a picnic table with you.

  • Anonymous

    They need to dress up their dining room. If you are going to serve French food, put down some table cloths or something in that dark, underused indoor area behind the main bar. Could be a romantic dining area, but it deserves better decorating.

  • Anonymous

    Dress up the dining room – poor lighting, tile floor=very uninviting
    And i hate the picnic tables. Whats wrong with small bar tables, stools, or mix of seating arrangements.

    • Geez…

      “Tile floor??…” It was the original terrazzo flooring, restored and refinished….

  • Anonymous

    Lame comments re: tablecloths. This is delicious food in an unobtrusive yet lively atmosphere. It’s also giving me a well-needed place to have a fabulous drink at the end of the day. Chez Billy is doing everything right.


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