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Scripture Cathedral Church Bought by Developers

by Prince Of Petworth March 4, 2013 at 11:30 am 48 Comments

9th and O St, NW

Washington Business Journal reports:

“A partnership of Four Points LLC and The Warrenton Group LLC has the 16,000-square-foot Scripture Cathedral Church at 810 O St. NW under contract, two sources close to the deal tell me.”

I’ve always liked the church’s huge stained glass front.

  • GOOD – less hassle and opposition to those wanting to open bars and restaurants serving alcohol – and less parking/traffic issues on Sundays. Adios!

    • yep

      I hear you on the parking issue… however, with Citymarket at O opening soon, plus Jefferson Apartments, etc., parking in this area is only gonna get a whole lot worse.

    • notpostingtooquickly

      hooray for kicking out the long time church goers so you can park your BMW… pizza for everybody! #shameful

      • Anonymous

        “kicking out”?

        where did you come up with that?

      • Anonymous

        “The property, currently owned by Scripture Church of Christ, is a block north of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. It has an assessed value of $6.9 million”

        i’d take that kind of “kicking out”.
        and bmw parking? have you seen the kinds of cars the leaders of churches in this area drive? please.

        • Anonymous

          Assessed value? That matters to an institution that doesn’t have to pay property taxes?

          • Anonymous

            maybe you’re not connecting the dots here. what it means is that they are getting a shit ton of money for their space. they are not being “kicked out”.

        • Every Sunday I used to see the same Rolls Royce Phantom parked out front. Was that the Pastor’s?

          • anon
          • Mr Black

            For the people who have lived in this area for the last 20-30 years,this church and pastor has made this community a much better place!!!!

          • Udontknow

            U should see the drop head RR he has and his house in Potomac, it’s like 19,000 sq ft also Gulftream jet. Good person to know,stop by and talk to him sometimes,stop blogging. Get the real facts

    • gilla

      Haha, and you wonder why long-time residents hate you

  • abc

    This area is literally exploding with development.

    • sigh

      You literally just used “literally” incorrectly.

      • bulah

        You actually felt the need to post this kind of grammar critique? Nice.

        • literally not a grammar correction

          Technically, it is not a grammatical correction, rather a criticism of word choice. One which I second because what the author is actually implying is the opposite of “literally”, namely figuratively. A fair correction.

          • RED PENS for those with nothing better to do than correct others…

          • Anonymous

            perhaps the washington post could hire you.

          • Anonymous


            don’t you have anything better to do?

          • Let me know whether or not we should call 911 in case this area of DC is about to explode.

      • Anonymous

        at the same time as doing it virtually.

      • Farnsworth

        He used “literally” correctly, actually. Perhaps you’re confused about what “explode” means.

      • anon

        The critique of the word choice is correct… but unnecessary. C’mon, people–be nice!

        If ABC had been going all Joe Biden in his/her (mis)use of literally, that would be another matter.

      • anon

        The dictionary says that explode means “to burst forth violently.” So how is the area not “literally exploding with new development”? I think snarktastic critiquers are wrong here.

    • Furbeardc

      Look at the Tags on a Sunday in front or in proximity of the church.they will be mostly from out of town and double parked.there are at least (other than Shiloh) 2-3 more active churches in the inmediate area .If I recall, Shilos objection were turned down because almost werefrom non DC residents. Attending a church as a non resident does not give you a voice more powerfull than the residents of the comunity

  • JoeEsq74

    I guess I always noticed the huge window and never noticed the name on the church. Did this church actually fight bars / alcohol sales in the area?

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Shame on you for trying to inject facts into an overgeneralizing rant.

  • Anonymous

    Any idea what they’re going to do with all of that stained glass?

    • youstreet

      +1. Would be a difficult salvage job, but well worth the effort. Would love to have my hands on some of it, too.

      • abcd

        PRAISE THE LORD! This church fought that little vegetarian place on its alcohol license for ages – not sure if the resto got it in the end (but it’s gone now). The attitude parking was obnoxious, regard for residents none, the pastor or whomever had an army of hummers and tinted SUVs – the congregation is PG co and other MD suburbs, treating DC like its parking lot.

        • Anonymous

          vegetate? they got their license. but wasn’t it Shiloh that fought them?
          and shiloh still fights anything that resembles gentrification.

      • Anonymous

        only worth the effort if it would have a new home. otherwise it’s not particularly good stained glass work.

        could make nice bathroom tile for some “luxury condos” though.

  • Anonymous

    damn damn damn….

  • anon

    anyone know what the timeline looks like?

  • Anonymous

    Does this include the parking lot on the east side of the church? I hope so, surface parking lots are not part of an urban fabric.

    • DC202

      No, at least not according to the WBJ article:
      “But we hear that the church property would likely be part of a mixed-use development, assuming the developers can acquire some adjacent parcels, including a D.C.-owned vacant lot at Eighth and O streets.”

  • bb

    This is a big win for the neighborhood – more development that will be used throughout the week, and right next to the O St market too. The church will make enough to build a replacement pretty much anywhere they want.

  • Rich

    It figures no one who’s posted actually knows anything about the Church or its parishioners.

    • Colhi

      Yes, probably because most of the members of the church live in Maryland so how would neighbors know them?

  • Anonymous

    Hideous building. On that score alone, this is a win.

  • I have lived within shouting distance of this church for 15 years. They have been inconsiderate, unfriendly, ugly blot on the neighborhood. Buh-bye!

    • Non e Mus

      Yeah, nothing like a church to bring down a neighborhood.

      • Yeah, you would think, right? If only it were so.

  • Anonymous

    Good riddance!

  • Anonymous

    Sold for 10.5 million dollars!

  • maverick parker

    it’s so heart warming to read about so many of you who feel elated about the scripture cathedral moving i would like to invite each one of you this coming Sunday to celebrate with us. 11:00 am Sunday morning

  • Mr Black

    From my understanding the church will be here another 3-5 years. Sorry!!!!!!!!

  • Udontknow

    From my understanding the Phantom is his sons, he travels by helicopter and has a Gulfstream. U guys need to update your information.


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