Right Proper Brew Pub Coming to 624 T St, NW Next to Howard Theatre

by Prince Of Petworth March 29, 2013 at 4:30 pm 25 Comments

624 T St, NW

Brewer Nathan Zeender tells me via email that the Right Proper Brew Pub has leased 624 T St, NW. Their indiegogo page explains:

Our Mission

Washington, DC, needs at least two things: more affordable neighborhood restaurants, and at least one locally owned brewpub.

Our objective is three-fold: We want to create a neighborhood gathering place that makes and serves well-priced delicious food and amazing fresh beer; we want to help our neighborhood thrive by investing in the community and its residents; and we want to anchor Washington, DC on the map as a destination for craft beer. Our business will invest in the growth and development of our employees as well as of our community.

Our Beers: The Short Version

The most important ingredient in beer is the yeast used for fermentation: No other ingredient has more influence on the aromas and flavors of the finished beer. Our brewmaster will source a wide range of yeasts from around the world as well as cultivate “house strains” unique to Right Proper.

Using mixed fermentation techniques as well as secondary and tertiary fermentation cycles, we’ll produce unique beers with complex flavor profiles. Our guests will taste beers that are bitter, beers that are sweet or even distinctly sour. Certain beers will be offered on cask to be served from a hand-pulled beer engine.

We’ll have a two-part beer program, standards and baroques. The standards will consist of beers that can be categorized into definitive historical beer styles. Any lover of craft beer will recognize these brews. The brewmaster will use his talents to put a unique twist on the different styles while still remaining true to the age-old brewing traditions that gave birth to them.

The baroques will consist entirely of barrel aged or barrel fermented beers. Beers of different flavor and aroma profiles will be blended to create unique products. Customers can also expect to find different versions of the same beer dry hopped, blended with fruit or with added herbs and spices.

CityPaper notes:

“the team is now planning to start service in October.”

Updates as they get closer to opening.



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