• Anonymous

    They should have a Hip Hop night and call it “Reynolds Rap.”

  • So I had never been here before and decided to google map it to see where it’s located. Google has mapped the inside of this bar. You can take your google street view guy and drop him inside this bar and take a tour of it.

    • Anonymous

      That’s the inside of Looking Glass Lounge. Not DC Reynolds. But pretty cool to be able to do that.

      • dat

        Agreed. DC Reynolds was still under construction when the last street view pictures were taken.

        • Thanks for the correction, although I would imagine they didn’t drive the street view car into the bar, so these very well could have been done at separate times.

  • Anonymous

    I really like DC Reynolds but I fear the bar out back is too big and takes up too much table space. 🙁

    • Jeremy

      Posting from my phone so sorry for the “Anon” (can’t remember my login info) but this is Jeremy from DC Reynolds

      Patio Seating ha only gone down by 2. The 2 big reasons for the bar are 1) our employees no longer need to carry trays of drinks down a flight of stairs, and 2) parties of 1 or 2 now can sit at the bar instead of having to share a communal table. Parties of 4-6-8-10-40 can still e seated at tables.

      In regards to noise or “thank god I don’t live there” we are very responsive to our neighbors we didn’t get a single complaint last year when the patio was full and if it gets to a level of being to noisy we will shut it down. We think because we are a neighborhood bar for our neighbors people tend to be respectful of noise outside.

      • Anon4

        Will there still be room for the big screen so we can watch hockey outside?

        • Jeremy

          Yup, far end of the bar. Still working with Directv to extend our service out that way.

          • TG

            Of course now that I think about it, if I lived that close I could probably sneak out there without my wife knowing several times a week. The baby monitor may even get signal there.

      • Anonymous

        You’ll still have to run food down the stairs, right? Too bad – unfortunately I can’t think of a solution.

  • TG

    I would so not want to have this right behind my house in the back alley.

    • Kelsey

      I live right behind it and it’s only an issue on game nights! It really isn’t a problem at all.

  • two for one happy hour


  • April

    This place is great for happy hour, if they are not out of the beer you want, and if you can get the attention of the server before happy hour ends, and if you drink your dinner so you don’t have to spend money on the submediocre food. Every once in awhile the stars align and it is, in fact, one of DC’s best places for patio drinking.

    • I haven’t had any problems like this, and I found the food rather tasty, not “submediocre.”

      I just wish the macaroni and cheese were still $4 like it was when the place opened, and not $7 like it is now.

    • ranbo

      Yeah, food here is more than adequate–a lot of it is quite good.

    • Terrance

      You must really know food.

  • Park View Pirate

    This is a great bar, friendly folks, and the food is above average. Looking forward to the patio but I echo the concerns of loosing too much space out there for customers.

  • Anonymous

    Any hope of getting new, better picnic tables? The ones from last summer were sagging pretty badly by fall. (I apologize if they’ve already been fixed/replaced; I haven’t been in a few months)

  • Anonymous

    The food is spectacular, the beer selection is amazing, the staff are some of the nicest bar staff in the area (if not DC), one of the best happy hours in DC and they have a great Sunday night trivia!

  • I love this place and the majority of my friends are in this picture. I think the bar’s a great idea and think Jeremy has some pretty valid points regarding why it was built. I’d want to keep my staff safe too.

    Also, kudos to your team for a great time there. Ya’ll outdid yourselves with that excellent stream of bottomless mimosas and great service!

    This is hands-down one of the best bars in DC with one of the best happy hours. I’m only sad the secret’s now out on the back patio.


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