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  • aaassss

    2 words: Adult milkshakes. they are delicious and a great way to cap off a night. Their Burgers have been hit or miss, but anything that is fried ( yuca frues/ regular fries) are a drunken late night snacker’s dream.

    • The milkshakes are tasty, but pretty weak (in terms of alcohol content). You might as well just get it without booze. I like the shakes better at BTS.

      • The booze is what adds a lot of flavor. The incredible vanilla bourbon, without the bourbon, would just be a vanilla milkshake!

    • nearby neighbor

      can you get an adult milkshake to go?

    • Anonymous

      a $5 shake? that better be one good freaking shake.

      • Roz


  • live from Columbia Heights

    meatloaf was darn tasty.

  • AllTheThings

    Yay, I really like this place! The food is standard but decent, and I like the adult milkshakes (I DID think they were nice and strong, enough so to be worth $10) and beers aren’t too expensive.

    The other thing I really like is the general atmosphere–it’s relaxed and busy but not insanely crowded. Lately I’ve been having trouble finding places to grab a fun, normal drink on U Street but all my former favorite places now get crowded beyond all reason. Or maybe they’ve always been that crowded and I am just older and don’t like people anymore.

    Anyway, I only have positive things to say about Satellite Room.

    • No, U St venues have definitely become more crowded and popular the last couple years, it isn’t just you.

      • AllTheThings

        Glad to know it is not me.

        I took three steps into Standard the other day and then was like, yeah I just can’t. Where did all those people come from?!

        • Sebrof

          +1 to this. Admittedly it was a nice day, but Standard was absolutely jammed last Saturday. I think there were people sitting on top of people.

          • Rococo

            Standard has been slammed since the first day they were open, I’ve been once or twice but almost always bypass it because of the crowd. I wish they would add a carryout window.

  • The vegetable pot pie is insanely delicious. Love Satellite Room.

  • DC

    I may stand alone, but I think it is very average. I went once and I don’t need to go back. I think it’s good for the people in the neighborhood, but not worth a trip. But I agree it would be nice for the locals to have an easy place to have a drink, so maybe it will fill that void.

    One thing I did really like was the style of the bar.

  • Anon4

    This place sucks! Don’t go there! Just kidding — it’s one of my favorite pre/post 930 spots and I’d hate for it to get so crowded that you couldn’t enjoy a drink and/or quick bite to eat before a show. I love the patio too.

    • Anonymous

      People who have never been: DON’T GO. I repeat: do not go. (it’s already getting a little too crowded, and I don’t want the secret to get out).

  • Sean

    Love this place. Boozy shakes are awesome – vanilla bourbon baby! Burgers are decent and cheap, tasty fries, tacos are delicious and service is above average and friendly. Helps that it’s right out my back door too!

  • I think it’s awesome. NEver insanely packed, nice outdoor area, decent food, and good strong drinks, all very moderately priced. Love the bartenders too (and no, I’m not on staff)!

  • Great, friendly service, fun (if a bit loud) atmosphere, good diner-esque food, and boozy shakes! As a celiac, I also appreciate their option of a lettuce wrapped burger – it’s much more satisfying than just using a knife and fork on a lonely patty.

  • Anonymous

    I really like the atmosphere — casual, but not TOO divey. Servers are speedy and knowledgeable. I also appreciate the fact that it’s tucked away behind 930 Club– U Street bar crawl crowds won’t find it, and it’s perfect for pre- or post-concert dinner and drinks.

  • I went for my birthday with a big group… it was my first time and I had a blast, everyone else enjoyed it too… a few of us got Mint Choc Chip Bourbon shakes and fell in LOVE

  • Anonymous

    Their burgers are delicious, tacos are meh. Loved the diversity in crowd. Their patio is great, too!

  • reality

    I came here late one night for drinks at the bar. It was very-very crowded but after it thinned out I really liked the atmosphere and the decor. It’s worth checking out – I may go back to try the food.


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