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  • Anonymous

    I’m sure they will also have a huge cider selection as most is gluten free.

  • MT

    Hopefully they’ll also have a good vegan beer and wine selection.

  • What about some options for us carnivores and lovers of gluten?!?


    • Anonymous

      McDonalds? 🙂

      • Meh, I wouldn’t call that meat…

        • meat

          Kinda defeats the business plan if a vegan shop. As a guy who is eating a bone-in ribeye tonight, I will say their cupcakes and Cowvin’s are super tasty.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha. Touché.
      I went to Carmine’s on 7th a few weeks ago ( horrible place, DO. NOT GO) but I was intrigued by the fact that they had multiple menus, Vegan, Gluten Free, Garlic Allergy… And others. I thought that was savvy. But it was the worst Italian food I’ve ever had in my life.

      • washingtonian

        Pro tip: If a restaurant advertises on the side of a building (as Carmine’s does near the NY Ave metro stop), it is assuredly godawful. This is known as the Carmine’s Law of Gastronomics. LOL.

  • Boris S. Wort

    I dunno . . . vegans all hopped up on sugar and hard cider. Things could get pretty wild.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Because when I think of a bakery I think of . . . alcohol?

  • Anonymous

    Have you guys ever tasted gluten-free beer? It’s all beyond horrible.

    • D

      Got one in the Trader Joe’s mystery six pack. Never again.

    • Anonymous

      I tried Dogfish Head’s version, thinking there’s no way that those guys would put out something that tastes so awful, but boy, was I wrong! Apparently gluten is an important component of beer that tastes good.

      If I were gluten intolerant, I guess I’d have to find something other than beer to satisfy my alcohol jones.

    • Anonymous

      if you can find one called Omission pale ale, it’s actually really good. and that’s coming from a meatatarian.

      they have it at u st wine and beer and d’vinos

  • Anonymous

    Regular beer is vegan, right?

    • B. Drinker

      No, a lot of beer has isinglass in it (clarifies the beer and binds the yeast together so it can be removed), which is made from fish swim bladders.

      • KenyonDweller

        So, do vegans eat yeast? I mean, it is a living organism, though a very simple one.

        • Anonymous

          Real vegans don’t eat anything fermented.

          • So do real vegans breathe air? Because you’re killing lots of living microorganisms with every breath!

  • Rich

    I wonder how the drywall quality of the baked goods will be matched by the taste of the hooch.

    • Bullwinkle


  • Think of all the dead yeasts and bacteria!

  • I don’t understand – it is hard enough to get a table in Sticky Fingers on some days. How is serving alcohol going to help? They need a bigger space. Personally I am big fan of the black bean fajita and cowvin cookie. I don’t see why they need to serve alcohol as it looks like they are doing pretty well without it.

    • Anonymous

      Serving alcohol isn’t just about bringing on more customers, it’s about increasing your profit margins. Unless you know their books, you can’t really say how well they are doing. Just how busy.

  • wylie coyote

    Meat eaters pop up to get snarky in threads about vegan places, but vegans don’t pop up to tout veganism in threads about restaurants that serve meat. I don’t get how it’s vegans who get the stereotype about being stuck up about their dietary choices…

    I’m not even a full time vegan or anything (as fish occasionally calls my name…LOL), but you know, ease up. Let the vegans get their vegan on.

    • Anonymous

      This is so true

    • Rich

      Sorry, but some us actually do try vegan items from time to time. The vegan blueberry muffins at Whole Foods aren’t bad once you get past the unusual texture. The stuff I’ve had from sticky fingers really does seem like something better used to patch plaster. I’ve known people with wheat allergies for whom gluten free menus have been a boon, but they’ll tell you frankly that vegan items often taste horrible.


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