Washington, DC

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  1. Um, I’ll take them!!!!!

  2. oh oh, i do, lots!

  3. I most definitely want to go!

  4. I want to go!

  5. Words can’t describe how much I would appreciate these tickets.

  6. Mine mine mine!

  7. Yes please!!!

  8. I’d love to go- thanks for the consideration!

  9. I would love love love these tickets. I am always out of town or out of luck – help me begin a winning streak.

  10. Yes please!

  11. Would love to go!

  12. POR FAVOR!

  13. Yes please! Pick me!

  14. I would also like to go. Very much.

  15. Ahh, pick me! Please!

  16. Don’t know ’em, how would you describe their sound?

  17. I would LOVE to go.

  18. Pick Me! Pick ME!!

  19. Shields is my favorite new album of the last 3 years and I would absolutely love to see them at Merriweather! Oh, and The xx is alright too.

  20. I would love them!

  21. Craig Collins-Young

    This is just to say

    I want them:
    the tickets
    that are on
    the lawn

    and which
    you could give
    to anyone.

    Choose me
    for the June weather
    so warm
    such great tunes.

  22. I would love to go!

  23. i want to go! please :)

  24. Please, pretty please!

  25. would love to go – thanks!! =)

  26. I most definitely want to go!

  27. ummm. yes please.

  28. I would love these! Pick me! Trying to go to more concerts this year and these are two of my favorite bands!!!

  29. Pick me! pick me!

  30. I’d like to go – thanks!

  31. Grizzly Bear is my favorite band, and the XX are my wife’s favorite band.

    Please save our marriage.

  32. um, heck yes i want to go!

    to piggy back off craig, here’s a haiku to aid my cause:
    june 16th’s the day
    to bring my synth and folk dreams
    to fruition, please!

  33. would love to go!

  34. Yes Please!

  35. I want those golden tickets please! Willy Wonka me!

  36. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE these tickets. My birthday is the 11th (shameless plug) and it would make me feel SO much better about my newly advanced age!

  37. Yes, please!

  38. pretty please pick me!

  39. I love xx. Hope I get picked.

  40. Would love the tix!

  41. Would love to go!

  42. That would be awesome!

  43. Yes. You’ve got my email address.

  44. I would very much love to go!

  45. Yes please!!

  46. I would very much like to go!

    Here is my favorite Grizzly Bear video for those not familiar with the group: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEDqk67AhsE

  47. I’ll admit I’m not a huge Grizzly Bear fan but I love The XX and would try to like Grizzly Bear more if I won. :)

  48. So excited for this show! Fun xx video from a Pitchfork exclusive for you all http://pitchfork.com/tv/surveillance/78-the-xx/98-night-time/

  49. Yes please! We <3 the xx!

  50. would love to go


  52. Yes! I would love to!

  53. I want to go to there……

  54. I sure do!

  55. Yes please! I’d very much like to go! I love your blog and I could say that I love you too if you give me these tickets :)

  56. Winning these would get me through the long winter days and keep me looking forward to summer, outdoor concerts, and frozen drinks.

  57. I would LOVE to go! I was so sad that I coudn’t get tickets for the xx when they were in the area the last time… winning these tickets would make me incredibly HAPPY!

  58. I would be the merriest girl in DC if I won these tickets.

  59. Pick me!

  60. I’d love to go!!

  61. I’d LOVE to go. How do I win?

  62. I’d love to go!

  63. heck yes!

  64. I want all the way in!!!

    Was so upset i missed XX in baltimore a few weeks ago

  65. Yes yes yes yes yes please!!!!!!!

  66. Yes! What a great giveaway!

  67. Yes please!

  68. I’d like to go!

  69. Oh dear sweet, little, tiny, infant baby Jesus wearing a tuxedo T-shirt because he’s formal but still knows how to party, YES!

  70. that would be groovy, yes please.

  71. XX marks the spot for me and those unbearably good tickets.

  72. This would be amazing!

  73. why yes, i would love to go.

  74. would love to see this show, POP! c’mon!

  75. omg I would LOVE to go to this! I was deployed in Afghanistan for most of last year, so I had to miss all of the great summer concerts/outdoor concerts :( Getting these tickets would totally make up for it! :)

  76. I’m in!

  77. I wanna go!!!!

  78. I have been waiting patiently to buy these tickets for my husband’s birthday. He’s a HUGE Grizzly Bear fan!

  79. I want to go!

  80. I’d love to go

  81. i need to win cause
    a) valentines day and my birthday are on the same day
    b) my boyfriend and i just broke up
    c) i heart sad bastard music !

  82. me too (re: #2 and #3)

  83. No money for concert tickets lately so this would be wonderful

  84. Pick me, I’d love to go!

  85. Yes please!!

  86. Haiku

    Grizzly Bear, xx
    Lawn in the early summer
    Sunset, cold beer. Nice.

  87. Yes, please!

  88. I just got 2 of Grizzly Bear’s albums and am floored by their talent. Awesome band!! I would love to see them live!

  89. I’m late to the party, but I’d love to go!

  90. i want!

  91. meeeeeeeeee! May I please have them? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  92. Just commenting….

  93. Yes please, I wonder how you choose.

  94. Getting these would be the bee’s knees.

  95. Erika Rydberg (@Pancakepopple)

    I will gladly take these off your hands like my fellow 100+ friends! Thanks PoP!

  96. yes please :o)

  97. Please pick me!

    Grizzly Bear is my go-to walk about music (with sensibly worn headphones, of course) because there is something wonderful about their swooping melodies that goes perfectly with seeing my neighbors and neighborhoods with new eyes. Seriously – try it. They make a great soundtrack to the ever-evolving Park View!

  98. Pick me! Pick me!

  99. YES PLEASE!!!!

  100. My humble plea:
    1) This would be an amazing respite from studying for the bar exam.
    2) I will attempt to find a grizzly bear costume to wear to the Grizzly Bear show.

  101. I love both these bands! I wanna go!

  102. Hurricane Sandy killed my chances of seeing The XX in Baltimore, I would love love love to see them at Merriweather. And I love Grizzly Bear too!

  103. Dear Prince, I would be eternally grateful if you would bestow these 2 tickets upon me!


  104. yes please

  105. Please pick me.

  106. Pick me Pick me Pick me Pick me Pick me

  107. I’d love them!

  108. Please please please let me get these tickets!

  109. looks like a great concert! i’d love to go!

  110. I want to go, please :)

  111. Don’t mind if I do

  112. Pick me, because reasons.

  113. the xx? grizzly bear? those are band names? what about tickets to justin bieber and what’s her name, that blond country chick? Seriously, though – two weeks and knife are two of the best songs ever (apologies for the hyperbole – but hey, i’m trying to win). And the xx…no words…i missed seeing them at the synagogue a couple years ago but every song they make lit-er-a-ll-y reverberates within every cell of my body. so, yes, please – i’d love the tickets!

  114. YES! They are the dream.

  115. Xx My girlfriend would love these xX

  116. I want you to know…..

  117. Pick me, pick me! I also have double consonants in my username…

  118. I want to go!!

  119. Yes, please!!!

  120. I want them pretty please!!!

  121. I would love to go!

  122. If you choose me I’d love to go!! xx

  123. I’d also like to go!

  124. Didn’t even know they were touring together. This is amazing! PICK ME!


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