Washington, DC

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From MPD:

At 2127 hours [Sunday], officers of the Fifth District were dispatched to the 1000 block of Bladensburg Road,NE for a shooting. 3 victims were sitting in a car when the suspect shot at them in the vehicle. Two of the victims were struck with non-life threating injuries. Suspect was described as a black male, with long black hair and dreads, about 5’8″ tall slim build. Last seen fleeing the scene on foot. This is currently under investigation, if anyone has seen or has any information in reference to this incident please call 911.

From WJLA:

Police say the victim was on his way to Little Ricky’s restaurant on 12th Street just after 6 p.m. When he parked his car on Otis and 10th streets and got out, one of the suspects approached him from the front; the other came from behind. Without warning or provocation, one suspect stabbed the victim in the chest.

With the knife still lodged in his upper chest, the victim continued to the restaurant, where his friends called 911.


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