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  • Anonymous

    Oh crap!

  • Anonymous

    The name sounds like an oxymoron to me.

    • Anonymous

      not to anyone in the know.

  • Does Everlasting Life serve similar food? (I haven’t been to either, but am curious.)

  • L

    yes, Everlasting Life is incredibly similar. Service at both places is incredibly slow but food is good.

  • jxr

    I think a lot of their customer base began frequenting Everlasting Life as Everlasting Life began making a lot of improvements after getting rid of the grocery part of their establishment. The customer service was night and day between the two restaurants. The Soul Vegetarian in Atlanta is still a great eat.

  • RozCat

    The food was good, but the place was dingy and the folks were always kind of solemn and rude.

  • extremely sad to hear this.
    However, you can get similar food also at Sweet and Natural at 4009 34th St, Mt Rainier, MD

    • Anonymous

      That place is great!

  • what a bummer

  • Anonymous

    I hear the Pleasant Plains Workshop is expanding into the space.

  • Mylene

    I visited Everlasting Life for the first time a few weeks ago and am surprised to hear service at it described above as “incredibly slow”. It was actually pretty quick. Unfortunately, all it takes is a small handful of customers to end up bottle-necking where you order the food; it could be set up to run so much more smoothly and I’m guessing that at peak hours, it could be much slower.

  • Anonymous

    I would avoid going there just because I knew it was going to take 20 min to get a sandwich.

  • tg

    NOOOO 🙁 best mac n cheese ever. even better than everlasting life :'(

  • Mad Max

    BEST vegan mac n cheese ever, beter than most regular mac n cheese and I’m not a vegan, sad to see it go.

    • Huh? What exactly are they mixing with the macaroni? What tastes like cheese that isn’t cheese?


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