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Smashburger Coming to former Lucky Brand Store Space in Dupont Circle

by Prince Of Petworth February 26, 2013 at 11:11 pm 18 Comments

1739 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Back in Dec. 2010 the Lucky Brand clothing store closed at 1739 Connecticut Avenue, NW. We finally know who’ll be taking over the space – Smashburger. Washington Business Journal reports:

“The chain was issued permits on Wednesday to install on the front of the building [1739 Connecticut Ave. NW] a set of 14-inch “internally-illuminated, raceway-mounted Smashburger channel letters” — in other words, a sign.”

You can see Smashburger’s menu here.

  • Carver

    I remember, not so long ago, wishing for a quick burger joint on Conn. Ave. Well, got that done in spades. Even so, I’m looking forward to this. The menu looks decent and a big plus for the chicken & avocado sandwiches. Never actually been to a Smashburger. The reviews seem to be average – good, so I think it’ll work. That part of Conn. Ave can get a bit slow with a fair amount of tenant turnover, it seems to be filling back in nicely.

  • So there’ll just be Smashburger, BGR, Shake Shack, Black and Orange, and Five Guys? That’s all? Dupont needs to step up its burger game because if I can’t swing a dead horse without hitting a burger, the terrorists have already won.

    • Agreed that is WAY too many burger joints. But this menu sounds fantastic! I’d be fine with BGR and Black & Orange getting the boot.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if Counter Burger is the next upscale burger eatery to look at an already oversaturated market and shout, “Me, too!”


      • Whaaaaaaaaaa? Black & Orange is way better than any of the other burger shops on Conn Ave. You’re crazy.

        Multiple flavored mayos FTW.

        • But I can’t eat mayo! MAYO MAKES ME GO PLOP-PLOPS!

  • Anonymous

    I would have preferred a Comfort One Shoes in this space.

    • Anonymous

      HA! I love you whoever you are

  • randomduck

    Woot! Love Smashburger, though the density of burger joints in Dupont is already obscene.

    They would really make a splash if they keep the same beer prices they have in Colorado. $3.50 for a craft beer (even if it’s just a 12 ounce pour) would be a price leader in Dupont, if not most of DC.

  • More burgers? Really? Is there this much demand for burgers all within a quarter mile?

    I’d like the Dupont-Shaw Alliance to put their NIMBY powers to work on getting a Burger Moratorium imposed on Dupont Circle. That would actually be a productive use of their time.

  • Los

    The only burger joint that I need in Dupont is In-N-Out. Alll other burgers are trash, and yes, much to my wife’s chagrin, I have tried them all.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone read the previously posted comments before banging out a new one? HEY GUYS THERE ARE ALREADY A LOT OF BURGER PLACES IN DUPONT LOL.

    • Well I’ll be: the per capita number of hamburger establishments in the Dupont Circle area is quite high, is it not?

  • Hungry

    If only someone would open a cupcake shop on Connecticut Ave – that would be super!

  • WalbridgeGuy

    I might be the only one who feels this way, but there’s already a lot of burger places in this neighborhood, imho.

  • Rich

    They seem to have a pretty random set of locations, mostly in places like nowhere suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. DC has managed to absorb third rate sunbelt pizza, but that’s because established chains came to serve their former customers. This seems like a concept that will overextend and be gone in a couple years.

  • Steve

    You gotta love the burger mania that is taking Dupont by storm. Bring on the burger wars! Damn, just learned there is Burger Mania which as as created from the ground up with our hearts and souls and wanted only to become the neighborhood and they are looking for a location in Dupont.


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