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Virtual try-on: a feature so easy to use, that even dogs in hats can do it. Via Lookmatic.
Virtual try-on: a feature so easy to use that even dogs in hats can do it. Via Lookmatic.

[sponsored_by name=”Lookmatic” url=”” logo=”×60-logo.jpg” byline=”Lookmatic provides great looking eyewear fully loaded with your prescription lenses for only $95.”]

The interns, bloggers, and techies may slowly be going blind from staring at computer screens all day. It might be endless hours of coding, it might be scouring the tiny print of the Internet for worthwhile news stories. Though, let’s be real, it’s probably all that time you spend on Gchat. No matter what it is though, it may be time to being to search (squintingly) for that right pair of frames. But where do the underemployed, underpaid, and yet somehow overworked go to find an affordable pair of glasses? Look no further, nearsighted ones, because Lookmatic has some free frames for you!

Lookmatic is an online boutique shop of sorts run by a small staff offering a ton of styles for women, men, and presumably, everyone in between. Their store is online-only, just like you, and also just like you, they’re invested in keeping you looking good (and seeing well) at a decent price. A pair of frames with prescription included runs at $95 with free shipping.

In addition to producing their own designs, Lookmatic has done a bunch of collaborations with designers in New York and LA. They’ave also worked with celebrity designers like Aubrey Plaza and Jason Schwartzman, who has likely been earning you sexy nerd points since 1998.

Of course the most awkward part about shopping for glasses online is the fact that you can’t try them on, a flaw that has probably resulted in many an unsatisfied, bug-eyed customer planning on looking like Clark Kent but landing somewhere closer to a completely unironic Rivers Cuomo. But Lookmatic’s taken care of this, too. Their virtual-try on feature lets you upload a picture of yourself and then superimposes the glasses of your choice onto the photo, which admittedly does sound a bit goofy at first, but is ultimately strangely addicting and maybe even a little rewarding.

And oh yeah, they do sunglasses too, just in case you wanna remain stylin’ in this occasional unseasonable warmth.

Don’t have $95 right now? It’s cool, we’ve all been there. Luckily, Lookmatic is going to be giving away free glasses – prescription or sunglasses – to four lucky winners! Yep, you read that right, even without  your fancy new lenses. To join the contest, just enter your email address below.

Best of luck, and may your new frames bring you a vision of love this month.

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