Washington, DC

Dear PoPville,

I’m a DC resident and I read your coverage earlier this year about the demise of the NextBus DC app. Like many others, I used that app every day to help me ride the bus to work, and when it stopped working I started looking for a replacement.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find an app for my iPhone that combined all the features I wanted — easy location of nearby bus stops, bus arrival predictions, and route maps. So, I decided to make an app myself to solve the issue for myself and other DC residents, and BusTrackDC is launching today!

The app is for iPhone, it’s free, and it’s also open source. I’m hoping to engage people like me — developers who live in DC and are interested in helping — to make the app better over time. For now, the key features are:

  • finds bus stops near your current location, so you can see where you have to walk to catch the bus
  • clicking on stops brings up real time predictions from WMATA for when each bus line is due next at that stop
  • for buses without predictions from WMATA, the lines are still listed so you know what bus lines service that stop
  • clicking on a line brings up a route map for that line, so you can figure out if that mystery bus coming down the block is going your way

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