• Annonnys

    I love this house – great backyard (seen from 19th St).

  • Brian Kraft

    This house was moved from the path of 16th Street when the street was extended around the turn of the century. The house wasn’t quite as large then, and was added to just after being planted at 19th & Newton. It spent an extra day or two en route stuck in the street, as heavy rain made the street too muddy for moving a house.

  • Anon3

    +a million. Is this a three-time house of the day highlight now?! Well worth it. This is my ultimate dream house. If it ever goes up for sale I guess me and PoP will be in a serious bidding war… 😉

    I hope the owners are PoPvillers so they can read how much I appreciate the beautiful job they’ve done with it. It really does stop me dead in my tracks every time I walk by…

  • Love this house, too. The owner frequently walks his dog in the neighborhood, and one of these days I’m going to work up the nerve to ask him for a little tour. I bet it’s gorgeous inside.


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