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Heads Up for New Vehicle Based Speed Cameras

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2013 at 11:30 am 37 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From MPD:

The Metropolitan Police Department announced today the deployment of new photo enforced locations beginning on or about Friday, February 1, 2013.

The deployment locations for the Photo Enforcement Units will continue to be at sites with the highest number of crashes and injuries, calls for police service, and high speed volume. MPD also considered recommendations or requests from the Department of Transportation, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and civic or citizen associations.

The thirty-day educational phase will commence on or about February 1, 2013, whereas violators will receive warning citations. On March 4, 2013, MPD will begin issuing live moving citations to violators.

The new vehicle-based photo enforcement locations are as follows:

1D – 1000 block Pennsylvania Ave SE southeastbound – speed limit 30 mph
1D – 1300 block Pennsylvania Ave SE northwestbound – speed limit 30 mph
1D – 700 block Maryland Ave NE southwestbound – speed limit 25 mph
1D – 1200 block Maryland Ave NE northeastbound – speed limit 25 mph
1D – 300 block H St NE eastbound – speed limit 25 mph
4D – 5100 block 13th St NW southbound – speed limit 25 mph
5D – 1800 block Montana Ave NE southeastbound – speed limit 25 mph
5D – 3000 block Rhode Island Ave NE southwestbound – speed limit 30 mph
5D – 1200 block Mt. Olivet Rd NE northwestbound – speed limit 25 mph
6D – 5400 block N H Burroughs Ave NE eastbound – speed limit 30 mph
6D – 5000 block Benning Rd NE northwestbound – speed limit 30 mph
6D – 3600 Jay St NE northeastbound – speed limit 25 mph
6D – 1200 block Branch Ave SE southbound – speed limit 25 mph
7D – 100 block Malcolm X Ave SE westbound – speed limit 30 mph
7D – 2300 block Good Hope Rd SE northwestbound – speed limit 25 mph

The new portable photo enforcement locations are as follows:

1D – 300 block 17th St SE southbound – speed limit 25 mph
2D – 2200 block K St NW eastbound – speed limit 25 mph
4D – 600 blk Missouri Ave NW southeastbound – speed limit 25 mph
4D – 7700 block 16th St NW southbound – speed limit 30 mph
6D – 3900 block Pennsylvania Ave SE northwestbound – speed limit 30 mph
7D – 2500 block Naylor Rd SE southeastbound – speed limit 25 mph

You can see a list of permanent speed camera locations here.

  • Just fucking ticket people. Don’t warn them. Don’t tell them where the cameras will be…just fucking ticket them. Speeding motor vehicles have no place in dense urban environments.

    • Anonymous

      a warning is just as good as a ticket as a deterrent.

    • Jack5

      Yay! Time to go back to horse and buggies! Poop all over the streets and a slower way of life! Maybe we can turn DC into an Amish province after all! Lets all peddle our bikes liesurely in the fast lane blocking those evil cars while we sing coom-by-yah and go to live banjo performances! We don’t need rights, lets just give our entire paycheck to government and suffer! Puritanism rules!! Screw positive technological advancement, lets go back to the dark ages. *sigh*

      • Anonymous

        for real? you disagree with the sentiment that speeding motor vehicles have no place in dense urban environments?

        • Anonymous

          I certainly do. People in cars need to get where they need to go just as much as pedestrians and bikes do and if you’re too dumb to look both ways before you cross the street it’s not the government’s fault.

          • If you can’t get where you’re going w/o speeding, leave earlier. There really is no excuse but do go on…

          • welcome to the 21st century.

        • Anonymous

          First, you’ve gotta classify what speeding is… 11MPH over the low speed limit of 25mph? And then whether it should make the city money when everyone is doing it, or whether it simply is a city taking advantage of antiquated standards in money making activity. They would set electronic speed limiters in cars, driven by road speed signs if they really cared, but that wouldn’t make them money. As the cost of living rises over restrictive enforcement of this kind, it gives Metro leeway to raise their costs as well (Metro buses incur speed tickets and those costs are passed on to riders), suddenly having the independence of a car becomes only a right of the rich…

          Metro fares are rising as well, almost as expensive as it used to be to drive in the city, they’re also debating taxing and licencing bike riders (giving them tag numbers – which of course includes fees) right now. Politicians are looking for ways to cover budget shortfalls, and taxes for simple things are getting out of control. Their motivation isn’t safety, its plain and simply money making… Expect bag tax, gas tax, sales tax, road tolls, and sin taxes to rise annually as well. Speed cameras are a rising tax as well.

          Rolling (unmarked car) ticket systems are used to maximize profit, they can be placed anywhere, including hidden at downhill areas where it’s easy to catch drivers going 11 miles over the limit. Cars are safer than ever, including in cases of pedestrian impacts, the city has done very little to enforce pedestrian education and laws, yet they seem to focus on drivers as culpable for accidents. In Hawaii, J-Walking almost always gets you a ticket on main roads as a pedestrian. Crossing on green here is a normal occurrence. The issues are dealt with in a backwards manner because the city is becoming so used to revenue from speed cameras, there’s no way to go back to a less costly society, and it’s only getting worse daily.

          If the city cared it would be spending the money recovered from these tickets on road markings and on painting cameras high-profile colors to warn drivers of unsafe speed zones. Also, trace where money from these tickets are going – To analyst salaries and contracting companies that install cameras, NOT to making streets safer nor to schools.

          In other words, this is all a bunch of B.S. and cameras don’t make DC streets safer.

          • LOL. At the whole diatribe there. Just drive the speed limit, or thanks in advance for kicking in some cash to the city.

            Also, more tin-foil…

          • Anonymous

            Can’t afford a car eh? Reason enough to be smug about speed cameras.

  • houseintherear


  • carbarn

    Do these locations still exist…they are on the website, but I can’t see any cameras there where before there clearly used to be.

    Southeast/Southwest Freeway at 8th Street Exit Ramp (westbound)
    Southeast/Southwest Freeway at 9th Street Entrance Ramp (eastbound)
    Southwest Freeway, SW @ Exit 4 (westbound)
    I-395 SW after Exit 4 (eastbound

  • a_w


  • Good. Something needs to slow these cars down.

    • _

      …for a half block stretch before they speed up again to catch the light…

      • So you’re saying we need more cameras?

        • _

          I’m saying that the current implementation has obvious flaws and often supplies a false impression of safety.

          • I think that’s true of all aspects of law enforcement.

      • Just not true. I drive on 16th daily. There are two speed cameras between SS and the 5000 block where I turn. People drive in the 30’s the entire way. Sure, over the limit, but much slower than that road would travel otherwise.

  • Tobin

    Funny how almost all of these locations are in NE/SE. Hmm…

    • Anonymous

      more than likely thats where citizens wanted them.

      whats your hmmm take?

    • Anonymous

      Before we start with the race baiting let’s also consider what other things set the locations of the speed cameras apart from other areas. Perhaps they are on wider roads that generally see faster flow of traffic? Perhaps they are on commuter routes as opposed to densely populated neighborhoods where traffic is already slower?

      • Anonymous

        Naah. Let’s just get right to the race-baiting.

  • Can someone lay these out on a map or something?

  • park

    Maybe we could actually make a difference by setting lights to turn green at an average speed of 25-30mph. This is what they do in major metropolitan areas like NYC. … Sadly it wont happen because the DC government makes sooooo much money off these cameras

    • Anonymous

      Good lord, yes. Try getting down Florida Ave or H St or U St or ANY large through street without hitting every light. Or at least every other light. In my opinion, this encourages speeding more than it discourages it. Maybe that’s what the District is hoping though…

  • Will

    Extremely happy about the 700 block Maryland Ave NE one.

  • Jahbrowski
    • that article was crap. if he said it best, then theres really no argument to be made at all.

      apparently enforcing the law is taking all the joy out of breaking the law. what an ass.

  • Anonymous

    What’s next – drone-based speed cameras?

  • what i love is that it’s one of the few instances that someone breaking the law actually makes money for the city.
    thanks lawbreakers!

  • Remember, everybody — to avoid a ticket, you have to stomp on your brake pedal when approaching the camera and make sure you’re travelling at least 5-10 MPH *under* the posted speed limit, or you will earn a citation.

  • Jimmy

    Any chance MPD and/or d. is willing to share the data on the number crashes and injuries, calls for police service, and high speed volume? Sounds a bit like the City is fishing for the American dollars.

    • 5-0



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