Dear PoPville – “Female attacked and attempted abduction in Foggy Bottom on Monday 2/18”

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2013 at 1:30 pm 64 Comments

UPDATE Tues. 4:30pm: Correction: Miscommunication between victim and OP. Said incident did not occur in parking garage, occurred on street in Foggy Bottom. No grocery store in Foggy Bottom was involved (though it was near a Trader Joe’s which lead to the miscommunication.) Was not reported at time of incident, victim is in contact with MPD now. All other details are correct.

UPDATE Tues. 1pm: MPD has spoken with the victim who now says it was not a grocery store. MPD detectives are following up to get more info.

Dear PoPville,

I wanted to make you aware that a friend of mine was a attacked and almost forced in the trunk of her own car at a Foggy Bottom grocery store.

She (my friend) was parked in the garage of the grocery and as she was loading her groceries into her trunk a man came from behind and bear hugged her. She started screaming and he put his hand over her mouth and continued to duck her head towards the trunk. Once his hand was around her mouth she bit his hand. Since she is 5’10, she was able to shift her weight around and kick him in the groin which caused him to fall to the ground. Once he fell a male customer was coming out of the store and heard my friend yelling. The male customer started yelling and the man ran and escaped up the ramp out of the parking garage. The store and police were alerted.

Apparently there have been no other reports of similar crimes in Foggy Bottom but I was hoping you could circulate in the event that this has happened to anyone else and to also spread awareness. The man was in all dark clothing with a cap. My friend did not get a description since he approached her from behind but did say that the skin that she could see on his arm between his glove and sleeve was white/light skinned. The struggle only last a few minutes max. My friend is grateful to the male customer who saw something wrong and decided to take action. Many people in DC do not take action when they see something or even when something happens to them.


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