Broodjes & Bier – Dutch-inspired Sandwich Shop Looking to Come to Capitol Hill

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2013 at 12:30 pm 19 Comments

From a kickstarter campaign:

Hey there! We’re Broodjes & Bier, a Dutch-inspired sandwich start-up working to make it in Washington, DC. Our dream is to build a brick-and-mortar location where you and yours can enjoy a fresh broodje (sandwich) and cold bier (beer), as if you were sitting canal side in Amsterdam.

So, what’s a ‘broodje’ anyway?

‘Broodje’ is dutch for sandwich. Our broodjes are focused on utilizing fresh, high quality produce, breads, and, particularly, dutch cheeses. Where others use lettuce, we use arugula. Where some concede to Muenster, we opt for 18-month aged Goudas. We keep whole legs of prosciutto at the ready, and are intimately aware of how many freshly baked ciabatta rolls we can stack in our Timbuk2s.

Up to this point, we’ve made and tasted at least 15 delicious and broodje-ful sandwiches. While we have a menu we’re confident will dominate a brick and mortar location, that’s a big leap for a group of youngins’ like ourselves. So, to enter the space in a more responsible fashion, we’re working on a few projects.

We’re putting together a pop-up dinner series where we can serve our food in a sit down fashion as well as, BROODJE CO., a prepackaged sandwich concept for Capitol Hill.

And Broodje Co. is why you’re here!

We’ve already worked out an agreement with The Silver Spork, a local cafe, bakery, and neighborhood staple in Capitol Hill. With your support, we’ll be able to buy the ingredients, packaging, and licensing we need to launch Broodje Co.

How? Our sandwiches will be made fresh, on-site, using locally baked breads and fresh produce. Our cheeses will be the finest the Dutch have to offer. We need your support to make this happen. Broodje Co. is the beginning of the Broodjes & Bier dream and we’d love for you to be part of it.

Dutch inspired, Capitol Hill made!

– The Broodjes & Bier Team

  • Anonymous

    So… they are going to make sandwiches… interesting…

  • dcgent

    Folks over in Hill East have been begging for more cafe/food options–maybe you can snag the Crepes on the Corner spot (I’ll refrain from being snarky about swapping one overpriced European gimmick food for another) or another on the commercially zoned 15th corridor.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a great idea.

    • Nicoli

      I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but Crepes on the Corner failed for a reason. There just isn’t the density there, at least at this time, to support a similar food option. The pretzel place cleans up, but their costs are low and they are only open a very limited number of hours a day.

      There are a couple of spots right next to the Potomac Ave metro stop that I believe are available (Potomac Station) or will be available soon. In particular, I’m thinking about the new retail location at 15th and Penn SE where they just demoed the old KFC building. There is an enormous amount of foot traffic there and no similar food options. Your only competition would be Teeter and Subway, which are very limited. It might be a lower cost area to get your foot in the door. Most importantly I’d like to eat your sandwiches and drink your cold beer and I won’t be able to do that very often if you end up at Barrack’s row.

      • rob

        crepes on the corner failed because their food wasn’t good, the prices were too high, and their staff acted like they had never worked in the service industry before.

        • Nicoli

          Even if they didn’t suck at life, that location is not ideal, and I would have been impressed if they would have made it in the long term. No reason to go to that location unless you live right there. If Broodjes and Bier does set up shop in Hill East, they should look for a location with a lot of foot traffic.

  • Liz

    Yes! Come to the Crepes on the Corner spot. And please get a liquor license. We need a good neighborhood watering hole.

    • I. Rex

      Yes! These sandwiches look delicious. The Crepes on the Corner spot would be perfect.

    • agree

  • agg

    For their sake I hope they don’t go to 15th St SE. That site has limited density and an overactive citizen body. Try Penn Ave SE or H St.

    • EricK

      Sad to say you’re right about the over active citizen body. I live just down the street and the people on the hill east list serve will try to kill anything, especially if it requires a liquor license. I think they’re nothing but poison to anything trying to open or be built there.

  • Anonymous

    Dutch inspired? How many Dutch restaurants are in DC? I didn’t think the Dutch were know for their culinary contributions. In fact, I have been to Amsterdam twice and don’t recall eating Dutch food whilst there.

    • Anonymous

      we have amsterdam felafel.

  • Brian Kraft

    This is a Portlandia sketch. There’s no such thing as broodjes.

  • Anonymous

    If they are going to run this business they should probably learn the correct pronunciation of broodje.

  • Is broodje Dutch for “bourgeois sandwich?”

  • Ben

    Please have Bavaria Brouwerij!

    Delicious beer….

  • jfrim

    what’s a Portlandia sketch?

  • ashley

    what about boterham?


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