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  • David T.

    I can’t tell from the photo, but hopefully they haven’t blocked the bike lanes with their sidewalk bypass/construction equipment/dumpsters like EVERY OTHER 14th St. project has.

    • Park

      I drove by there this weekend and they have blocked the bike lanes. I wonder if this is actually permitted. Does anyone know if bike lanes are counted as parking area when they get approval to put up these barriers?

      • Yes, they can block the sidewalks, bike lanes, and parking spots by paying the city based on (1.) square footage blocked and (2.) length of time that they block public use. It’s all part of the permit process. The more the public uses the area, the higher the rate (eg. it’s cheaper to block part of a quiet alley than it is to block the sidewalk or bike lane). The city’s DOT could reject their parts of their proposal to block the public space, but it seems like they’re signing off on everything that comes across their desk.

        List of prices they pay for “Public Inconvenience”: http://dc.gov/DC/DDOT/On+Your+Street/Public+Space+Management/Types+of+Permits/Public+Inconvenience+Fee+-+FAQs

        Interactive Map of Permits: http://gis.ddot.dc.gov/PermitLocator/

  • 17thSter

    Anyone know what is going on in the former parking lot on 17th St between O and Mass Ave?

    • It’s a nine-story apartment building. The developer signed a 99 year lease for the land with the church that owns the lot.


      • This is terrific. Lots this good shouldn’t go vacant. Hopefully it is 218 units, but the 118 would be good to. Wish there were more 3 BRs, and they didn’t just keep cramming in junior 1brs/studios.

        • Wouldn’t 3-bedroom units be much harder to sell/rent than smaller ones?

          • 17thSter

            Thanks all! From the drawings it looks like the style will fit in nicely with the Baystate and Boston House across the street.

    • So if it’s a 99 year lease, then these will end up being rental units, yes? Or would someone actually buy/sell condo units on leased land?

      • Anony

        Sure, I’ll be long gone by the time that lease has expired!

      • bb

        Assuming you’re talking about the 17th and O building, it is a 99 year lease that reverts back to the church after that. They will be rental units.

        • Anonymous

          Considering the average build quality of apartment buildings going up in DC these days, it’ll probably be a vacant lot again 99 years from now.

  • P Street

    I hope this project moves quickly. The construction sounds like an enormous bell getting hit by a sledgehammer – ringing through the entire P Street neighborhood. I’ve considered wearing earmuffs as I get ready in the morning. God bless anyone who works from home in the area.

    • z

      wow – that’s where the noise is coming from!?

    • bk

      how early are they allowed to start hammering? it seems like they start really early in the morning…

  • I think this will be a rental building, hence the reason for no 3BR units. I just don’t think the demand is there for luxury 3BR rentals. And you know the rents on these places are going to be $$$$$.


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