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Judging Renderings – Office Building Coming to 1525 14th St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 20, 2011 at 4:00 pm 32 Comments

Rendering via Furioso Development

Think the more modern style will mesh with the older building hosting Posto next door?

You can find a bit more info on their Web site here.

Furioso Development has a history of developing live/work loft spaces for artists, as well as new construction condominiums. Founder Giorgio Furioso has an arts background, and is known for the unique aesthetics of the projects he develops.

Past projects are widely recognized for their unequaled quality standards and high design aesthetic. From the breathtaking piazza of Solo Piazza to the distinctive designs of Church Place and the Tàpies, Furioso creates viable live or work spaces that set the bar for design in Washington, DC.

  • yoyo23

    i guess the funky boutique hotel that was announced a couple of years ago for that spot is out.

  • Veronika

    the design is a bit dated. it looks more late 90s early 2000s… but it’s decent enough for the space. “set the bar” is a bit much. this look has been done. ALL OVER DC.

    • Anonymous

      it does? which building from the 90’s does it remind you of?

      • Veronika

        most of the buildings done downtown in the late 90s early 2000s. the glass, the austere steel, the horizontal linear motifs… all that. just take a look around.

        • Anonymous

          can you point to something specific?

          • Developer

            Veronika’s right. And quite frankly there are so many examples that it’s hard to pick one to represent the bunch.

          • Anonymous

            pick one.

          • KT

            Yeah, this seems to have more flare than most of the downtown buildings.

    • anon

      I think you mean the part of the bldg that makes up the top floor and the space on the right. I’ll give you that look is overdone, but the chunkier columns in the main section look pretty cool and are more creative than most new development.

      • Anonymous

        +1 Agree, the chunky metal columns look good and are made all the better by the contrast of the lighter, more “dated” section.

  • textdoc

    Is Posto the space that used to be Viridian?

  • Patrick

    Posto has sidewalk seating and those trees are quite exaggerated. Definitely going to put way more pressure on street parking in the area (on weekend nights, the existing lot in that location holds ~30 cars I’d guess)

    I live at 1529.. I think I’ll move away before the construction makes a big mess / parking becomes (even more) impossible.

    • scarecrows NOW

      It has two stories of underground parking, you NIMBY.

      I’m sure that are lots of great options with TONS of parking for you in Shirlington!!

      • Anonymous

        nimby is such a stupid term.
        and why would the guy want to move to shirlington?

      • Scarecrows have issues

        So he’s a NIMBY because he doesn’t want to live on a construction site? Not constructive at all, do you just need someone to be rude to? Perhaps he will just move to another part of DC. Geez

        • A

          Yeah, he was rude but he has a point… if parking is a priority for you, you probably shouldn’t live near the downtown of major city. It’d be like if you moved to a rural area and then complained that there aren’t many nightlife options. But yeah, he won’t necessarily need to leave DC – there’s plenty of parking in Petworth, for example.

          • BigTex


          • Anonymous

            i missed the part where he said it was a priority.
            you guys sure bring a lot of baggage to your reading comprehension.

          • Kyle

            Agreed. Plenty of parking up here! I normally park directly in front of my house, but sometimes I have to park across the street. :)

            I like the look of the building. Hooray progress!

          • mca

            don’t you just hate it when your neighbors are inconsiderate and don’t leave the space in front of your house open for you; and you have to park across the street?

            Happens to me once in a while and i make some noise! ;)

      • Patrick

        Scarecrows, the underground parking will be helpful during business hours for the office workers – but it displaces a oft-used parking lot and all those cars will need to park somewhere else when they come to places like Posto, Studio Theater, Estadio and they’ll be looking for spots at the same times that I am. I already drive around for 15-35 minutes during the evenings/weekends as-is and this will only add more pressure.

        Take into account the upcoming Parc (http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/05/scuttlebutt-whats-happening-at-the-old-dry-cleaners-at-14th-and-q-st-nw-in-logan-circle/) Restaurant, and I don’t think it takes a “NIMBY” looking to move to the country to realize that parking is going to get worse.

    • Anonymous

      I have lived in this neighborhood for 19 years and have never had a problem finding a parkling space withing 2 blocks of my house. I consider that reasonable.

  • Eli

    I was wondering when that parking lot would be filled in. Hurray for density and land improvements!

  • ¢hris

    that is one crazily skewed perspective. i’m assuming the left side is going to be straight and not bowing outwards like that.

  • Anonymous

    I like it. Definitely not the most original design, but not every new building needs to be amazing. It blends in nicely with the Posto building even though it has a much more modern look. Not bad.

  • KT

    I like it. And isn’t the Posto building *actually* a modern building? Looks like it.

  • Anonymous

    Offices will be a nice improvement for this neighborhood. I work on the block, there is always parking available, don’t think will impact that, maybe the condos expected nearby will?

  • Logan Res

    The NIMBYs are already trying to block this project. They’re concerned that there will be cars coming down their alley to enter the underground parking of this building. Oh, and they also are complaining that there will be a building now shading their back yards. And, oh don’t forget….there will be actual “people” coming into the area now….OMG…Run!!! Hooray for progress. I welcome getting the empty lot filled and I don’t care what you think….don’t like development or more people possibly residing in our city…..MOVE ON!!!

    • greent

      Depending on how wide the alley is and speeds of non-local drivers can be an issue. Can it not?

      If you have a back yard that gets zero sunlight then you no longer have a back yard, you have a plot of dirt.

      I am sure logan res you have lived in logan since the early 90’s, right?

  • Anonymous

    I will say it again architecture has been reduced to the rectangle, zzzzzzzzzzzz….


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