Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Cleveland Park

by Prince Of Petworth — January 22, 2013 at 3:00 pm 18 Comments

This rental is located at 3601 Connecticut Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Elegant & very spacious 2BR, 2BA + sunroom. Shows beautifully – so large it feels like a house . Grand entry hall, LR w/ built-ins, Many windows, Formal DR, Updated Kitchen, Master BRM w/ en-suite bath, CAC, HWF, French doors & handsome woodwork. (Unit is well above ground level). Full Service Bldg. Parking/rent. (Also avail furnished for $3650/mo.) Sec 8 voucher welcome. Metro & walk-score 86!”

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,450/Mo.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I get that it’s a large space, near metro, and includes parking but that price still seems WAY too high. I’d say it’s about $400 – $500 too high. Also, at that price, I’d really expect a renovated kitchen instead of white, plastic cabinets. No, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    insanely high, probably to cover the ridiculous high condo fees in buildings around that area. Should def be less than 3k

  • CJ

    You can use a Section 8 Voucher for a $3500 a month Apartment?

    • Anony

      If so, there is something very wrong with that

      • Anonymous

        I agree. People with low-paying jobs don’t deserve things anywhere near as nice as the things I have.

        • CJ

          I have a combined household income of $300k a year. I don’t feel paying $3650k a month is rent is fiscally responsible.

          Why should someone who pays little to nothing be able to live that life when I can’t?

          • Anonymous

            Life isn’t fair. I guess some of us have already learned that.

      • Anonymous

        Fear not, dear taxpayer. While you technically “can” use a S8 voucher in any unit that meets physical standard and where the landlord will accept it, the amount of the subsidy is capped based on a “rent reasonable” determination and local market conditions. In other words, the household would be stuck with the bill, not you.

    • sbc

      no. you can’t. some places put ‘Section 8 welcome’ in all their ads so no one can accuse them of a fair housing violation. But the Housing Choice Voucher Program (the full name of Section 8) has payment standards.

      http://www.dchousing.org/docs/PaymentStandards.pdf are DC’s from 2010 (at the time, the limit for a 2br was $1643 a month). It also shows the formula, which is based on an area’s fair market rent. The area’s Fair Market Rent actually hasn’t changed much since then. You can google HUD FMR to see it.

      • annonny

        Exactly. So, if somebody qualifying for section 8 could find an extra $1,807 a month they can live in all of this luxury (and even pay extra for parking!). So, it’s basically impossible unless the family lied about their income on their section 8 application.

        It would be nice if people who criticize anti-poverty programs would be thoughtful enough to find out how such programs work before launching finger-wagging sermons about the immorality of preventing homelessness. But that actually takes some thought and investigation, rather than just parroting the pablum spewed by the likes of Ron Paul and Fox News.

  • Is there a shot of the sunroom? If it’s a decent size could feasibly be used as a 3rd bedroom getting this in to affordability territory for folks who want to do all that. But you can get something just as good closer to the center of the city, so……. overpriced.

  • I don’t get it. Anyone who has enough income to drop $3500 on rent could just buy a place no? I could see many $2500… I just can’t picture their target audience.

    • Tara

      DC has always been a very transient city so i assume they’re looking for someone who has too much money and will only be here 2 to 4 years?Yes this is the nations capital but for a sleepy southern town that closes early the prices are too high.

      • Yes, by your arbitrary standards the prices are too high. Nothing at all to do with Econ 101, supply and demand. But your point about not everyone wanting to buy is valid. Also, just because a couple people can afford $3,450 a month doesn’t mean that they have (say) $60k in hand at the moment to put down on a house/condo. For two people with good jobs, $1,725 each isn’t all that much per person out of their paychecks. And a couple new in town could keep their car + even have room for a child there.

        • Tara

          All good points Kev29,As for DC being overpriced that’s just a personal opinion.On a side note i wish i were one of the few that could afford 45k a year in rent alone.

    • Perhaps:

      a) you don’t know the DC area whatsoever, figure you’ll rent for a year and get a better idea of what is out there.

      b) are here temporarily

      c) don’t want to deal with the associated costs and expenses with owning a place. Sure, it might not make financial sense, but for some it might be worth the price.

      d) just starting to make the big bucks, want/need to save up for a down payment on a place. Of course if that is your goal, probably will find a cheaper, better value…

      e) around retirement age, live in the burbs, thinking of moving into the city for retirement, not sure. Good way to find out if it is for you or not.

  • Bob

    The link to the listing in the post seems to be dead.

  • Neighbor

    I’m probably too late to this post, but I live in the building next door (you can see my bldg through the windows of one of the photos). My bldg is a LOT less fancy than this one. I own a 750 sq ft 1-bdr, and between the mortgage, parking space (which I rent out for $175/mo), and condo fees, I pay around $1900/mo. And I promise you I got a STEAL on the condo. For a unit like this one, it’s the condo fees that will kill you if it’s based on sq ft like mine is. So, I will be the dissenting voice to say that this is on par with other units in the ‘hood, esp for a couple with a young kid.


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