• As an OG Sweetgreen fan, I think they should take a step back from expanding so quickly and refocus on product. It’s gone a little downhill in the past year or so. Maybe I’m just bored of their offerings (though I don’t go there THAT much), but their stuff doesn’t seem as fresh or well made as it used to seem to me.

    that said, always glad when a local-based employer expands.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed…. went to the Sweetgreen at foggy bottom a couple weeks ago during lunch and they ran out of chicken. Completely. Weren’t even going to transfer any from another store or, you know, buy some more from the whole foods next door.

  • Dan, Bodysmith is still at that location – just in the basement for private training.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t been to Sweetgreen in awhile but I would be ecstatic if they extended their salad domination to H Street.


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