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  • James

    Does his/her other car deny climate change?

    • Kinda makes me want a fish taco.

  • What an awesome find. Seldom does one see a ’95 Ford Escort LX Coupe in such fine shape. Not sure if the paint is original, and looks like a few dings here and there, but wow – must be a thrill speeding around town with all 88 horsepower… and giant freaking mutant bugeyed fish/corn thing on the roof.

  • H2ODoc

    It’s hilarious that someone would decorate there car based on a complete misunderstanding of GMO. (shakes head at the stoopidity of general public).

    • Anonymous


      It amazes me that liberals, who think they are so smart and know more about science than conservatives, are against the science, technology and methods that have revolutionized how we make food. Biotechnology has saved hundreds of millions of lives. (look up Norman Borlaug some time.)

      • What makes you so sure the owner is liberal?

        • Anonymous

          Because he or she is against GM foods.

          • H2Odoc

            Not all liberals are ignorant about GMO, nor are all people ignorant about GMO liberals. But if I had to guess, I’d guess this person was a hippy (possibly vegan) with kids.

          • This person could also be very into religion, which would tend to put him/her on the other side of the political spectrum. It’s best not to turn every situation into a political rant. It makes a discussion about issues much more difficult.

    • Anonymous

      i believe that gmo foods should be labeled. why is that a problem for you?

  • Anonymous

    Someone should design a car that warns of the dangers of DHMO.

    • Anonymous

      Or the dangers of agitprop.


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