• anon

    went to spy cafe once… not sure why… regretted it. glad to see it go away. shake shack will probably kill in that location.

  • Anonymous

    Finally – a place in DC that sells hamburgers!!!

    • Anonymous

      ear to ear grin.

  • While I think shake shack is overrated, I confess I will be going here at some point since it is so close to my office.

    • Anonymous

      I love their shakes, but I think Five Guys’ burgers are better, and their fries are WAY better.

      • At least Shake Shack knows how to fry fries. Five Guys gives you a 5lb sack of grease with some potato skins in it.

      • I feel the same way. Go to Shake Shack for the shakes and concretes, but I prefer the fries *and* burgers at Orange and Black (Black and Orange?).

  • David T

    If anyone from the Shake Shack is reading this thread, I would respectfully request that you consider a location at Union Station. It would be terribly convenient for me at lunch!

  • Los

    Still holding my breath for In-N-Out.

    • monkeyrotica

      You probably shouldn’t. You’ll hurt yourself.

  • Rich

    Easily the most oevrrated import from NYC in years.


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