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  • Can-am Spyder. Made by Bombadier, the same company that makes jets and passenger trains. Got to ride on one once with their PR guy on Pocono Raceway. More fun than should ever be legal.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Kenny Powers moved to DC!

    • Anonymous

      great reference! +1

  • Anonymous

    I thought the DC Eagle closed?

  • That Man A

    Ya, that would be a can am….

    i hate those things

  • Those are some expensive tricycles, Walter.

  • A great option for the handicapped or elderly who still want the wind in their hair. Anyone else on these things should just sack-up and learn to ride a motorcycle.

    • LOL. A can-am offers all the protection of a motorcycle with the lack of maneuverability of a car. The worst of both worlds.

      I actually had one think he could keep up with me on my motorcycle, which at low speeds in the city is not that hard. Until we got to a tight spot in traffic and I was able to wiggle through and he was well… stuck like all the cages.


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