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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth January 31, 2013 at 10:00 am 83 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anon

    Rant: I’m so confused. 70° and humid yesterday with thunderstorms. Possibility of snow tonight. Can’t the weather just make up its mind?

    • I agree, I wish it would just pick a season and stick with it – preferably winter because…it’s winter. Last night I considered turning on the air conditioning!

  • FedEmployee

    Rave: Got paid today. Not super happy about the payroll tax holiday being over, but I have a job (revel), so I can’t really complain.

    Rant: I want to do my taxes (…I know) but still need some forms. Realized that I actually will get a good-sized refund and I want it noooooow.

    • TG

      Funny that during the entire fiscal cliff debate, they gave short shrift to the fact that everyone was getting a tax increase. A lot of people were quite surprised to find this out when they got their paychecks.

      • Who is “they” that you say gave short shrift?

      • huh? If you’re smart and pay attention to your check, you know you got a tax cut with that stupid pay roll cut, so you aren’t getting an increase, your expensive tax break expired.

        • TG

          I pay close attention to this stuff. But at my company, the day we got paid for the first time in 2013, a lot of people were quite surprised and saying things that reflected the fact that they believed, like most of the media coverage suggested, that taxes would only go up on the highest earners.

          • Then they weren’t paying attention – it was pretty clear the payroll tax was expiring (which isn’t a tax increase) and the marginal rates were also going up (which would hurt the highest earning more). So, sorry. I wasn’t thrilled, but at the end of the day the temporary break they were getting was very costly.

        • Anonymous

          It’s true that the payroll tax thing is technically an expiration of a temporary tax cut and not a tax increase per se…but I think even for people who knew that (like myself), once you get used taking home a certain amount in your check, it’s painful to see that reduced, even if you knew from the start that it was only temporary. (And after all, after a couple years’ worth of paychecks, I suspect most of us kind took that payroll tax holiday for granted.)

          I think the frustration that one commenter is speaking to is the fact that–at least in my opinion–many politicians and the media were hyping up the avoidance of tax increases and downplaying the very concrete impact that the payroll tax holiday expiration (something Congress could have decided to extend, but didn’t) would have on people’s paychecks. I know it’s only 2%, but for lower-wage workers, that’s nothing to sneeze at; my mother, for example, is taking home $50 less a month, which is not insignificant for someone who’s grossing under $25K a year and also dealing with healthcare expenses that eat up a large portion of income.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Car break ins surging in Petworth… Apparently MPD isn’t taking it seriously. A lot of the perps are school kids and break ins are happening between 4pm and 9pm. Seems to be a trend of kids in groups standing around neighborhoods. Community policing and police presence need to make a comeback Chief Lanier… I’d hate to have to beat a 16 year old with a baseball bat over messing with my car, but if cops don’t get this under control, it can easily happen.

    Rant: People really need to control their trash cans on windy nights. Neighbors who have stolen 4 cans from everyone else leave them all over the alley for days after wind storms. Trash blown all over alleys as well.

    • Frank

      Rant: Internet tough guys

    • in what area of Petworth?

      • Anonymous

        Near tot he GA Ave/Petworth Metro stop… It is a new trend for that area as there used to be constant police presence there. It seems like police avoid the area now because of the paperwork in stopping petty crime.

        • “It seems like police avoid the area now because of the paperwork in stopping petty crime.”

          I’m always very skeptical when people say “It seems that” and then describe a cause-and-effect that the average person would have know real way of knowing. Is that your own theory or do you have real reason to believe that the police are staying away specifically so they can’t respond to petty crimes that would require them to do undesired paperwork?

        • saf

          Hardly surging – it’s been a problem there for several years now. The cops know who is doing it and keep making arrests, but the kids get back out.

    • Anon

      My car was stolen in Petworth 3 weeks ago! MPD found it a week later, abandoned in Anacostia and stripped. The car was a total loss. SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

      • that really does suck. i’m sorry.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      “A trend of kids in groups standing around neighborhoods.”

      Really? This is a new trend?

  • Britt

    Rant: Unexpected vet visit last night for the horse I lease meant lots of blood to clean up, a very drugged horse, and no riding for a while…

    Rave: She should be ok in a couple of days and was extra lovey-dovey… also a lady at the barn needs someone to exercise her horse so I was able to try him out and might be able to ride him for her.

    Rant/Rave: Nervous – tonight’s the night to finalize my application and get it out there. Fingers crossed I put my best self forward and can stand the wait and anticipation.

    • Poor horse, hope she gets better soon!

  • Rant: Construction in front of my office building makes it feel like my teeth are going to rattle out of my head.

  • Rant: Got stuck in the Green Line mess last night. Didn’t get home until after 8 and got soaked in the pouring rain.
    Rave: 25 minutes to get in this morning.

    • ugh metro delays are the WORST when you just want to get home

    • I gave up got off a stop early at U st. An 18 min ride became an hour (and who knows how long had I continued to sit at U street).

  • TG

    Rant: With all this fiscal cliff and sequestration talk, we have totally forgotten about the best Cliff of all, Jimmy Cliff.


    • hahaha, I’ll never forget his concert in Nicaragua. He came out just by himself with a djembe all dressed in yellow; and quietly started singing “Rivers of Babylon”; very powerful.

      • TG

        I would have loved to have seen that.

  • maimouna321

    RANT:Just found out from the boss, if the govt go forward with sequestration, I will be safe, the rest of the professional staff, including the boss will be out. All because of the way the office is funded.
    RAVE:I am employed

    • we’re all going to be furloughed here once a week for 22 weeks. Wheee. My two other civilian coworkers don’t care (one gets a substantial military pension, the other is at the end of her career and doesn’t care)

      • Would you mind sharing where you work? At USDA we’ve heard nothing.

    • Anon

      This sequestration mess is going to be rough…”double dip” coming soon.

      • anonymous

        It is going to be tough, but I’d rather we do this now. As my dad says, we can do this the hard way or the harder way. If the status quo remains and we continue to spend like drunken sailors, we most assuredly will have to deal with this the harder way (whether that includes devaluing the dollar or making even more painful cuts in the future). I’d rather we clean up the mess the Baby Boommers created for us so that my baby nephew and those in his generation and mine (Millenials) aren’t stuck with an even larger financial crisis down the road. Americans want so much, but they’re not willing to pay for it. Well, folks, it is time to pay for it or cut it!

        • except the way they’re doing this doesn’t reform anything. A furlough will cost the government – and small businesses who rely on those of us who go to work every day with our incomes and have lunch or coffee or whatnot – a ton. The trickle down will be bad. And it won’t save the government any money.

          There are real decisions Congress needs to make, and they won’t. Instead they’ll make those who work every day and rely on their pay checks to make ends meet pay the price.

          • anonymous

            I agree with you. A furlough and even massive RIFs would generate very little savings to the government in relation to the problem we have. It is the entitlements that neither party wants to touch, along with tons of other spending that no one wants to touch either. People are ok with the status quo right now, but we’re going to pay for it one of these days and it ain’t going to be pretty!

        • Anonymous

          This is not a choice between the hard way and the harder way. This is the stupidest way. 1% LIBOR interest rates, and we can’t figure out a way to invest in our society’s future growth– we are idiots.

  • Rave: Brass quartet outside Farragut North station today. I heard them while my bus was at the stop, so only got a short taste but they were wonderful. I should have gotten off the bus to stop and listen and taken the following bus!

    • Rave: They were outside Dupont South last night on my way home. I stopped for a while when I heard them playing the Super Mario theme song. Definitely made my day!

      • YAY so 1) I wasn’t seeing things and 2) others enjoyed them. Aren’t they excellent? They were playing some Teleman this morning and I was so happy. For some reason, it was so beautiful to me – this moment of still in the middle of a hugely busy intersection. Plus, they looked like they were having a great time and knew they were good musicians. The marching band tuba for the win!

  • Refi

    Rave: Closed on my Refi last night…Whohoo..
    Rave: No mortgage until Apr 1st.

  • Navin

    Rave: The new phone book’s here! I’m somebody!

    • Anonymous

      +3000 and a ping pong paddle.

      • Navin

        I’m picking out a thermos for you.

  • Anonymous

    rave: got to spend a few days with my favourite guy in the world
    rant: he’s already back in LA *sad face*

  • RAVE: Registered my car at the DC DMV today and everything was really smooth. I forgot something and they told me I could go get it and come back, and not have to wait in line again! So it only took me 20 minutes to get the transaction done, including getting a new license because I had moved.

    RANT: I thought today was going to be 50 degrees so I wore flats with no socks, plus no jacket and FROZE! So windy!

    • RAVE: Forgot to add that my sweet and patient boyfriend got out of bed super early, gave me a ride, let me borrow his jacket and waited for me :)

      • TG

        Not hating but your rave suggests that your boyfriend’s jacket is the real problem in your relationsihip. I mean if he describes it as “his” jacket, can the two of you really have a future? I would consider counseling, with the jacket of course, and also a strict regimen of medication, preferably medicinal marijuana.

        • Anonymous

          Officially my favorite comment of the day. Maybe even the week.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: I’m going bowling out in VA tomorrow after work and I’m so excited (nerd alert!)
    Rant: I’ve been applying to jobs since earlier this month because I’m unhappy at my current job. I’m at about a dozen cover letters/resumes sent out and haven’t heard anything yet. Trying to stay positive…

    • saf

      It takes a while. Be patient and good luck.

      Oh, and check out http://www.askamanager.org/ Her advice is stellar.

      • I know her! And yes, the blog is really awesome. Very straightforward, blunt sort of advice, but written in a fun-to-read format and just refreshingly honest/simple.

        • saf

          Well, she is local.

          Her advice really improved my resume and cover letters.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the suggestion!

  • pepperflynn

    Not sure if this is a rant or a rave but anyone else hear the big crowd of people walking around Mt Pleasant last night around 7:30 pm randomly cheering? They walked down Irving Street and then up Hobart and then back down Irving…randomly stopping in front of houses and cheering….some kind of rouge cheering carolers?

  • Rant: I’m so bored at work today.

    Rave: I have a job and it’s normally a job I enjoy.

  • Rave: The CFO at my company where I started 2.5 months ago took me on a craft beer run this morning to pick up HopSlam, a super awesome IPA made by Bells. We went to two Whole Foods, and Norms in Vienna. Whole foods has it, and Norms will get some later today.

    Rave2: The CFO wanted to take me on a beer run. Super cool!

    Rave3: I forwarded all of the e-mail address yesterday relating to the Goose Island promotions. She was very excited to get the addresses, and thanked me profusely. They will be following up with everyone.

    Rant: I saw a couple of people replied, but didn’t get contact info. Please send the info along, and I will forward to my contact with Goose Island.

    Rave4: Hopefully I can get some free beer out of it as a referral bonus (keeps fingers crossed!)

  • Rave: Free pizza for every department today! Can’t beat that.

    Rant: Hardly any work to actually do today…
    Rave: …leaves time for searching for new housing.

    Rant/Rave: Interviewed 4 possible roommates last night. Two are good candidates, just need to choose. Now need to find another female.

    Rave: Made interviewing into a drinking game. Key words: commute, metro, Wisconsin Avenue, clean…and a few more.

    RAVE: Fun. concert at DAR tonight!!!!!

  • rave: going to visit a friend in boston for the weekend. her bf secretly got in touch with me last night to say he needs me to help with a surprise he set up for her for friday night. he is going to surprise her, and also me, with concert tickets. i am not a mushy person, but i think this is a really sweet thing for him to do.

    rant: my landlord has been really giving me a hard time lately regarding some repairs that need to be made around the apartment, and its just been really frustrating.

  • DisgruntledDriver

    Rant: Coming up 12th St NW, at the intersection of 12th and Massachusetts there is a lane that is marked right turn only. CONSTANTLY people just go straight through causing near accidents. CAMON NOW!

    • My husband is at that intersection every day on his bike – he haaaaates it. It’s so dangerous for those on 2 and 4 wheels.

      • Anonymous

        …. But not enough to use a different route?

        • This is what I say, but it’s a question he’s never answered! I think he assumes it’s quicker, and probably enjoys being frustrated at drivers in his own little way

    • Anne

      I think the real problem with that intersection is the traffic on Mass. always blocks the box which requires people driving north to slalom drive regardless of what lane they are in.

    • Anonymous

      It’s because that intersection for *YEARS* has allowed 2 lanes to cross Mass ave and immediately merge. They changed it somewhat recently, and the growing pains are turrible.

      More advanced notice for cars travelling up 12th would help- perhaps a sign 100 feet earlier, or an overhead sign at the traffic light.

  • alkebulan
  • Rant: My sweet old dog Charlie has Alzheimer’s (CCD Canine Cognitive Dysfunction) and I have to wait for some more test results before I put him on medication.
    Rave: Really good neighbors who are checking up on him during the day and who are being so understanding about his new behavior of barking whenever he is confused (which is pretty much all the time) .

    • Anonymous

      I’m so sorry for Charlie. Hopefully you can get him on the meds soon so he can start feeling better.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Youth let out of prison pending his homicide trial kills 2 more. What a lame judge!

    • saf
      • TG

        “Law enforcement officials said Hale complied with the terms of his release. His monitoring bracelet was given to him to ensure that he kept his curfew: 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The shootings occurred at 3:15 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. ”

        Wouldn’t you know, not murdering people also be a term of his release. If not express, I think it was certainly implied.

    • Anonymous

      pretty sickening story

  • Anonymous

    Move to the center of the car, people! It is not that difficult. Ugh. I am so tired of having to drop a shoulder and shove to force my way onto a train when there’s feet of open space in the center aisle.

  • Thanks for selecting my clock picture. (I had a feeling you would choose this one). The clock was discarded as shown, at the bottom of a tree along the sidewalk. Quite surreal. Very Man Ray.

    • It’s an interesting photo!

      • I wonder why it was there?

  • Rave: Heard about the metro mayhem last night. Glad to be a cyclist and never having to depend on metro. Got home in about an hour, albeit fairly wet from the rain.

  • Rant: Woke up to find the front passenger window of my car busted

    Mega Rant: I literally have nothing of value to steal, and the jerks couldn’t even pry my battery out of the car.

    Rant: I’m a broke student and can’t afford this crap right now. Argh!

  • FedUp

    Rant: Today I did an honorable thing by turning right at every “No right turn” that is posted at nearly every fucking corner in DC. Seriously, what is up with that??? Why is there a “no turn” sign at every red light in town? At any rate, I got to work in minutes!


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