More Progress at Progression Place in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2013 at 4:00 pm 16 Comments

View from 7th and T St, NW looking south

The continued revitalization of 7th Street is jaw dropping (especially remembering what this section used to look like.)

Progression Place’s website says:

“Progression Place, the new, mixed-use property at 7th and S Streets, NW, adjacent to the Shaw-Howard U Metro station will be the new anchor of the Shaw-LeDroit Park neighborhood. With an abundance of cultural and recreational opportunities within walking distance or just minutes away, the exceptional office, retail and residential spaces of Progression Place are certain to become the cornerstone of DC’s next great neighborhood.”

looking north on 7th St.

Couple more shots after the jump.

  • bb

    Looking very good – I can’t wait for it to be complete. PoP, any intel on what’s going into the retail spaces? They seem to be on the small side, and I’m wondering what kind of businesses they’re considering.

    Now if we could just raze and replace that terrible CVS a block north…

    • Emily

      Yes, info on the retail space please!

      As for the CVS, it’s actually just fine if you go in. It’s the parking lot that’s a problem. What needs to go is the liquor store/barber shop on the southwest corner of 7th and S. Would love to see that building razed.

      • anon

        only a matter of time me thinks

  • Anon

    I like the look of the place and will be happy when it’s done. I wish the two ghetto stores on the corner that always have men loitering in front of them were going, too, but they seem to have been built into PP.

    • Anonymous

      those two “ghetto” places have likely been there since before you got to DC. I’m sure the owners don’t want to just close shop because YOU don’t like the way they look.

  • anon

    I preferred it before these ugly buildings were built. I also prefer small business, which I doubt this monstrosity will house.

    To the person hoping for buildings to be razed in order to push out small business, you’re a terrible person.

    • Anon

      Yea, cause good people support small businesses that sell liquor to drunk men who stand around all day too intoxicated to support their families.

      • Anonymous

        have you ever heard of women supporting their families? business is business no matter who you sell to. Whomever owns the liquor store is supporting their family, so get off it

        • With that logic, you could defend someone selling crack as “just supporting his/her family.”

    • bb

      I’m not dissing the CVS itself. The neighborhood actually needs the CVS. The problem (as a previous commenter noted) is the inefficient use of space – the silly parking lot in particular. That corner needs density to tie it into the fabric of the neighborhood, not a useless parking lot. They could/should build a Progression Place-style building on that corner that incorporates the CVS into it. Unfortunately, Howard University owns this lot and leases it to CVS. Given Howard’s lack of responsiveness to community development needs (Cf. endless delays on Howard Town Center) I have little faith that this lot will be redeveloped any time soon.

      Also, CVS is not a “small business”. I’m recommending that they raze an outlet of a corporate chain. Is this more morally satisfying?

    • Emily

      Do you even know what building I’m referring to? It’s an eyesore. Like the ugliest building ever. And the fact that drug dealers make their living in front of it just gives me further motive to want it gone.

  • Matt

    Any idea what they’re going to be charging for rent?

    Their website claims “Shaw is the newest trendy and affordable neighborhood for DC’s young professionals,” (hurray buzzwords), but I bet it’s going to be close to the standard of about $2,000 a month for a studio, $2,300 for a 1 BR.

    • That Man A

      Im sure it will be very expencive

      it sits on a metro station…. that always = high dollar, esp in a neighborhood they are pushing this hard

  • That Man A

    its so crazy to me how different this area is starting to look… growing up here i could have never imagined

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had my eye on this since the groundbreaking. Love this section of town, but this seems to be taking a very long to complete. Move ins were initially late 2012, then Q1 of 2013, then UrbanTurf reported last month summer 2013. I work downtown and I swear the 4 or 5 City Center building have all gone up in less time and appear closer to completion. City Market on O, which broke ground more recently, also seems to be going up in record time. Any development buffs know what the hold up is with this place?

  • Anonymous

    This section of Shaw has become pretty awesome over the past few years. It has a nice mix of businesses and a wide range of housing options.

    It seems like very few neighborhoods in DC have maintained this balance. Every neighborhood needs high income residents but too many of these developments push out small business and become cookie cutter. That being said, the corner liquor store and “burner” cell phone store add nothing to the neighborhood as they are likely fronts for criminal activity or at best encourage degenerates to loiter.


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