Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

by Prince Of Petworth — January 28, 2013 at 3:00 pm 14 Comments

This rental is located at 215 8th Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Unique Carriage House on the Hill. 1 bedroom w/open space on 2 floors. Plenty of light & Garage Parking. Not ideal for someone who loves to cook,kitchen is a small closet w/ tiny stove and sink, regular size fridge. Enjoy courtyard or short stroll to parks,Eastern Market,Barracks Row,H Street,metro. All utilities + internet included. W/D in basement of main house w/ access from courtyard anytime.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,600/Mo.

  • WalbridgeGuy

    +1 for just being honest that the kitchen is rubbish, rather than trying to pitch it as a cozy cooking cubby. Too bad more realtors can’t be candid like that.

  • Anonymous

    The place could use a little touching up. Good location but looks pretty dingy for $1600/mo. You could get a much nicer efficiency for that amount.

  • Meg

    Oh my goodness. I guess it has “plenty of light” if you compare it to a jail cell.

  • MAR

    This makes me feel much better about my recent apartment lease…while it would be cool to live in a carriage house…that’s not so nice for 1600 a month

  • Anonymous

    I can’t really tell from the photos (they should invest in a better camera or professional photos), but are those skylights or florescent lighting?? $1600 for a place that basically has no kitchen seems pretty steep to me, even in that location.

  • Anonymous

    I live 1 block from there at 9th and Constitution NE in a 1 bedroom, legal basement apartment with full kitchen and full laundry. I pay $975/mo. (no utilities). I forget how lucky I have it sometimes.

    • Wow, you are pretty lucky because anything for rent in this area will start well over a $1000.00 that’s in decent shape. So, either you have been there for a pretty long time or you are a relative of or a friend of the owner.

    • Anonymous

      You are exceptionally lucky. Enjoy that it while that lasts!

    • I hope you’re socking away as much money as possible for a downpayment. Unfortunately, you never know when an owner can change their mind and might need their basement back.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, wow. You’ve got it made!

  • Seems like a deal given the location

  • Anonymous

    I live in a similarly sized basement in the same area, pay $350 less, and I think that is even too much.

    Capitol Hill hasn’t really changed much in the last 3-5 years…just saying. A few more restaurants on H street (next to a bunch of empty stores and blight) don’t justify the prices around here. I realize it’s not a dump like it used to be, but this doesn’t justify the prices. There’s really not much in this part of town, save restaurants on Pennsylvania and 8th street, and Eastern Market…H street is overrated, Safeway is gross, there’s a few dumpy corner stores, and a bunch of dry cleaners. Great.

    The housing market in this country is inflated.. just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I suppose this should make me feel better for paying the same amount for a much nicer efficiency with a (comparably) huge kitchen that’s in great shape. Even if I do think I pay too much for what it is.

    • Anonymous

      I should mention I pay the same amount & live a block from this place.


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