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Judging Restaurants – 876 Cafe

by Prince Of Petworth January 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm 13 Comments

4221 Connecticut Ave, NW

876 Cafe opened up in the former Indian Ocean restaurant in Van Ness back in April 2012. Their website says:

Enjoy the complex yet simplistic fusion of Caribbean cuisine with Washington’s premier restaurant 876 Cafe. Located one block from the Van Ness metro station neighboring the Cleveland Park area, 876 Cafe invites you to experience familiar dishes piqued with zesty accents of the islands.

Inside, the warm and open decor showcases talent of local artists and helps the customer to transcend to a vibe where everything is “irie and cool”. Sample favorites like our fresh multi-green salad infused with sweet coconut-gingered flakes, ackee and saltfish wraps or our refreshing coconut water contained in the original husk.

And as with everything you can expect exceptional service in a casual environment.

Go ahead. Grab a group of your friends or co-workers and relax on the veranda, bar or swanky WiFi lounge area for lunch, dinner, weekend brunch or happy hour. 876 Cafe promises to stimulate your pallet and captivate your senses.

You can see their menus here. Any fans?

  • Anonymous

    Place is always empty. Haven’t seen more than four people in there at any one time.

  • anon

    Cursed location. For all of the people who live in that area no sit down restaurants are able to survive very long. There has to be some weird combination of demographics (lots of retirees on fixed income?) that makes that particular spot a restaurant death trap. Or every place that has opened up there just serves terrible, terrible food at outlandish prices.

  • Tim

    Been there twice. First time was alright.

    But the second time was pretty bad. The server was extremely rude. Service was very slow; I’m pretty sure they forgot about us a couple of times. Food was bland, unevenly cooked, and I think microwaved.

    It seems like they have a couple of regulars who are probably close friends wight the owners. That’s probably how they’re surviving, if at all, because there’s barely ever anyone in there.

  • “Complex yet simplistic”? Oh, brother.

    Was there a PoPville posting about this earlier? I seem to remember the phrase “swanky WiFi Lounge.”

  • SS

    Yelp reviews seem pretty good. I wish they had veggie entrees.

    The location is not too terrible… Ya’ll need to relax. There’s a new Pho 14 coming beside it, which I am super excited about.

    • RE: New Pho 14.. YUP. Drove by it last night actually and it looked like they took the paper off of the windows so you can see inside the restaurant. Must mean they are close to opening finally.

  • I have been here several times for brunch on the weekend and lunch. I think their food is AWESOME.

    They have the prices and the table-dressings of a fancier place, but they also play sports on projectors which kinda ruins the ambiance. They’re in a weird in-between zone on being a white tablecloth place and a neighborhood hangout.

    With so little competition in the area, and tons of twentysomethings living in Van Ness, I really wish they’d take their prices down a notch, offer a good happy hour special, and ditch the white linens. If you could get brunch with coffee for under $15 on the weekends they’d definitely have the market cornered.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve eagerly been watching this restaurant slowly die since it opened, which coincidentally accurately describes its clientele.

  • We’ve eaten there a couple of times. It does feel somewhat empty, but the staff are friendly. The jerk chicken is amazing. The other dishes were so-so. We are rooting for them to survive.

  • Spring Valley Hi

    Not sure how this place keeps going. There is literally never anyone there whenever I walk by. Admittedly, I’m not normally there around lunchtime, but the dinner crowd is non-existent.

  • Ron Burgundy

    Service is WAY too slow. It should not take 1.5 hours to have a lunch consisting of chicken wraps and fries. It’s always empty and likely won’t be in business much longer.

  • anon

    I ordered take-out from this restaurant (jerk chicken sandwich). I came to the restaurant 20 minutes after ordering and waited an additional 25 minutes before up and leaving. I haven’t attempted to come back since.

  • vte

    Service is uniformly slow, but food is pretty good. The ackee and saltfish spring roll was delicious. The menu they have on the site now is not the menu they currently have in the restaurant. The rasta pasta was great, shouldn’t have gotten rid of it.


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