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From youtube:

After a long night of celebrating the re-election of President Obama, a drunken man rages through the streets of Washington DC with little mercy. Armed with nothing more than a scarf, the drunken man valiantly battles oncoming traffic before coming face to face with DC’s Fire & Rescue team.

h/t @IAFF36

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering who was bored enough on inauguration weekend to film all this, from multiple viewpoints, and edit and post it to YouTube. Helping the guy get out of the middle of the street would have been a better use of his time.

    • you gotta be kidding me? that was brilliant! i applaud the videomaker!

  • Anonymous

    Who is going to help a guy that is punching cars?

    • Anonymous

      Oh come on, it wasn’t like he was waving a gun around. A couple of bystanders could have hauled him off to the sidewalk so the Fire & Rescue team could go do whatever they’d come there for, and traffic wouldn’t have been blocked, and the guy wouldn’t have possibly gotten hit by a car. But no, it’s far more fun to fire up the iPhone to make a mockery of someone who had one too many drinks.

      • “so the Fire & Rescue team could go do whatever they’d come there for”

        Apparently to watch a drunk guy stumbling around in traffic. Seriously, you’re not even going to mention that the F&R team didn’t bother trying to help the guy?

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I mean any of the hundreds of people that were nearby, including the F&R folks, could have helped.

          • But you didn’t mention the F&R guys, and helping people is, you know, their job essentially. I’ll excuse the “hundreds” of people nearby for thinking that maybe F&R were going to handle it.

    • hiphopanonymous

      Seriously. Would’ve been better if somebody just peter-tapped him, rolled him onto the sidewalk while he was down, and called the cops.

      • “Peter-Tapped” has me trying not to snort in my office right now. I’m just giggling as softly as I can.

    • not me. i’ve been attacked by unpredictable drunks in the past. and this guy acted unpredictably. i would never intervene in this scenario.

  • md

    I am disturbed by this. Why did Fire and Rescue not get him out of the street. Where are the police. He is very luck he did not get run over no thanks to DC Fire and RESCUE

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I don’t understand why everyone just let him flail around in the street. The guy looks pretty uncoordinated and off-balance and it would have been easy for a few good Samaritans to move him out of the way.

    • Anonymous

      When I was an EMT, we would wait for police to arrive before trying to treat a patient like this. That was standard operating protocol.

    • “no thanks to DC Fire and RESCUE”

      no. it was HIS own fault he was in that situation. if anything, the flashing lights saved his ass.

    • I don’t think it’s the job of Fire and Rescue to try to engage with someone like this when they don’t know if he’s armed or what he has in his system. They are not armed, and they don’t have cuffs. He clearly presented a danger to himself and others, and handling that sort of person is a job for the police. I think they did a good job turning on their lights to warn traffic to slow down until the police could come.

  • Roz

    Romney supporter?

    • KenyonDweller

      He did keep asking for job. Maybe his plans to open mail in the Romney White House were dashed.

  • Anonymous

    I am so curious as to where this was filmed because I definitely saw him from the rooftop at 9th and Florida, flagging down cars and then banging on their hoods. One couple got out of their car and I think called the police, but then he walked away so they drove away. Surprised he wasn’t beaten up.

    • Anon

      The last scene looks like the sign at the bottom of Sherman where it meets Florida. Which means it seems he didn’t get very far. Zombies.

  • DClady

    I’m sorry, am I the only one who thinks this guy is an idiot? I have ZERO pitty for the drunk guy…and I’ve personally seen police officers rough up people for much more innocent behavior. The person recording was certainly in the wrong but the guy does not appear to be 18 or 19. He is definitely old enough to be held responsible for his behavior. I sincerely hope he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, he obviously didn’t know when to stop drinking. But I think the guy filming it is a more horrible person.

    • KenyonDweller

      I have been falling down drunk in my life but never come close to marching in the street, pounding on cars, and harassing EMS personnel. I don’t feel much sympathy for him.

      • Anonymous

        It’s interesting how different people respond to being wildly intoxicated. A lot of us just pass out, but it seems some men become belligerent and aggressive like this guy.

    • ET

      Agree 100% with all of your comment.

  • Anonymous

    if he started punching my car I would have gunned it right into him.

    • yes but you would have also had to deal with the possible repercussions of knocking him over onto his head and potentially killing or severly injuring a pedestrian bystander. No judge would buy the self-defense argument there buddy…

      • …cause you know, that’s a totally proportional response. “I’m going to physically assault this guy b/c he touched my property like a mean-y”. Seems legit.

        • Anonymous

          Touching is one thing. Swearing, acting crazy and beating on your car is very threatening and violent.

  • I see why fire and rescue hasn’t been getting any raises recently. What in the world were they thinking.

    It was obvious he was too drunk to walk 5 seconds after they arrived, and that he wasn’t armed 10 seconds after they stopped and they just SAT there doing nothing. Oh, that was until he opened the door on their SUV then one got out, then jumped back in?

    Seriously, WTF were the Fire Rescue guy(s) thinking? That drunk moron was a serious hazard to himself and to the traffic driving by.

    That is just embarrasing.

    • C

      I wonder if they were worried some other drunk idiot would jump in their car and drive off while they were out there dealing with the guy. In that environment I think it would be a legitimate concern…

      • common sense

        you act like they couldn’t lock their doors behind them. lmao.

  • In defense of Fire and rescue, the dude put on his flashers and likely called for police response as soon as he went on scene. The guy clearly was intoxicated and was not going to listen to reason. Its outside the scope of the fire department personnel to physcially detain or move someone off the street against their will, especially if they look like they will be combative like this guy clearly was. It was safer for him to make the environment safe than to confront the guy and try to move him.

    Also I think delayed police response was due to a)inauguration security detail occupying most police calls and b) random drunk dude in street call also poses a low priority for the 911 calls that did occur that evening. There were clearly more pressing issues that prevented a faster response given the resource constraints of that evening.

    still a very funny video. Dont give the camera operator crap for taping a guy being a jackass, he has no obligation to put himself into harms way to diffuse this situation either…

    • kken

      +100 to this. When belligerent and physical drunk dudes are involved, that is job for MPD. As litigious as this society has become, DCFD is not to engage in any type of interaction with tool bags like this until MPD are on the scene.

      And the way the guy was acting, who’s to say he wouldn’t have taken a swing or two at a “good samaritan” trying to get him off the street. i saw NOTHING in this video which would show he was being reasonable in any sense of the word.

      • annonny

        Sad, but very true analysis, kken.

        Yes, in an ideal world the EMS staff should push this guy to the sidewalk, make him sit down, and if he refuses, then sit on top of him so he can’t go anywhere and/or hurt anyone. Once the police got there, he could have been arrested and thrown in a holding cell for his own safety. And then the lawsuits would have started.

        Given the scenario above, anyone want to give an under/over on how quickly a douche like this would have filed an unauthorized detention complaint? I’m guessing within 24 hours.

  • Anonymous

    It really is a sad day for our society when no one will help this idiot. I don’t really blame anyone; it’s just such a hassle to help out. You’d probably end up having to file a police report, you could get sued, etc. And all the people on here saying they’d have helped are all the ones who would be yelling how dumb the Samaritan was if this guy broke their nose with a wild swing. There was a time when the cops would give even this idiot a ride home, provided it was a one time thing. And come on, we’ve all done at least one really really dumb thing while drunk before. Unless you’re a Mormon. I think there’s just too many people in the world for us to give a damn anymore.

    And as always in a case like this I’d like to point out that this man either has no friends or needs to get some better ones. Friends don’t let friends do THAT.

  • ShawGuy

    I’m kinda bothered by this video on a number of levels, and quite frankly I’m mostly bothered by PoP posting it – usually I can come to this site for relevant community information, without a lot of stuff that’s taking enjoyment out of cheap shots like this one.

    I don’t know if DCFD handled this according to their policies on obviously intoxicated people, so I’ll wait on judgement for that one for now, but it does bother me that anybody would tape this guy to make public sport of what is obviously not going to be his proudest moment. While we certainly have the capability as a society to document every single moment, I think we have an obligation to let some embarrassing moments pass in privacy, especially when dealing with strangers.

    I’m also disappointed that none of the passers by tried to diffuse the guy and get him to sit down on the curb. I’ve seen many, many people in this sort of shape over the years in DC, and find that for most of them, if you talk to them for just a minute, you can get them to sit down, once they’re sitting down they won’t want to get back up, and you can usually talk them into handing over their phone so you can call or text one of their friends to come help them out.

    That’s far kinder than watching this play out for your own amusement, taping it for the amusement of others, and all the while risking he seriously hurts himself. Even if he didn’t get hit by a car, he fell a few times. Any one of those falls can produce a fatal head injury. And at the end of the day, I would certainly hope that everyone who watched this would have felt incredibly guilty to have been the guy taping it when the man died, knowing that he taped it for YouTube instead of helping. I wouldn’t tape some poor guy on a ledge of a building threatening to jump – and this guy was just as likely to have a fatal accident as the man on a ledge.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to respond to this. I am the one who saw this fool from the rooftop. He jumped in front of a car and began banging on the hood. The female driver and male passenger got out (in the middle of the street at a green light) to see what the eff was up. The man was belligerent and screaming. He got in the face of the woman and pushed the male passenger. Drunk man was beyond help from a “good Samaritan” — he was semi-violent. I’m pretty sure the cops were called, but he wandered off.

      • ShawGuy

        Well, I’ll reply to that, since you say you saw this live. In my opinion, this guy is probably an alcoholic. Not many people who don’t have a pretty serious drinking problem can get to this level of intoxication without throwing up repeatedly, which either didn’t happen or got edited out. For him to be able to keep this much alcohol in his system, he’s built up a strong tolerance over time.

        Now, it’s pretty widely accepted that alcoholism is a disease. It has physiological components for people who suffer from it that are not seen in people who just drink too much once or twice. Therefore, I’d hold that this is a guy who is exhibiting a severe symptom of a disease. I don’t think anybody (or at least I’m hopeful) would watch someone suffering a heart attack or a seizure or a stroke and think to themselves “I oughta film this for YouTube! That guy is falling down clutching his chest! LOLz!!” rather than “OMG, here is someone who obviously needs help and I have a phone so I will now call for help for this person”. Why would you not recognize that this guy was in obvious need of help and call for said help? So he may have been obnoxious – lots of people are obnoxious when they’re drunk (and many when sober as well), but that doesn’t mean they are less deserving of medical help when in obvious need of said help.

        You admit you’re only “pretty sure” the cops were called, but that means you acknowledge you did nothing to help him by calling yourself. Calling the cops is fine, but calling an ambulance is far smarter. This is someone who is obviously, in this moment, in danger of pulling an Amy Winehouse and dying from over-intoxication, or from an accidental injury. You don’t know him, so you don’t know if this is a normal response to being over-served for him or if this is truly dangerous.

        And I’ll add that while it’s possible he lives nearby and got that drunk all by himself at home, if he was out at a bar and got served more drinks when he was like this, that bar needs to be closed for a while. Far too many times, especially in the U Street area, I’ve encountered people who, like this guy, should have been cut off five drinks ago.

        • Anon

          I have to say these comments are pretty interesting–a lot of assumptions from a short video.

          First off, I am the female driver who’s car he attacked first. I got out, along with my friend to try and get the guy out of the street and to stop banging on my car. He came over to me yelling and then pushed me. He then made for the driver’s door so I moved him away and got back in the car. Had I pushed him he would have fallen down or into traffic. My friend called the cops and was on the phone with them for quite a while, answering questions, while they dispatched everyone. The guy, having given up on my car, left us and *threw* himself on the hood of another guy’s SUV.

          There was no way of calming this guy but had you been there, more power to you if you had been successful. He was belligerent and completely unfazed by his actions. Absolutely it’s a sad situation but we did try to help him back to the sidewalk and could not. His goal seemed to be stay in the street, stop a car and get in.

          • ShawGuy

            @Anon1:46 – thank you for at least having the decency to call and try to get this guy some help. From what you describe, I’d speculate that he was in the street and trying to get into cars because he was trying to get a cab to go home, and whatever combination of alcohol and possibly drugs he was on was keeping his brain from recognizing the difference between cars and cabs. You’re still a good citizen for making the effort to get him help or at least get him to the sidewalk.

          • Anonymous


            I understand your sentiments but what about personal responsibility? You’re pointing the fingers at everybody: it’s the camera man’s fault for filming it; it’s the passerby’s fault for not walking him to the curb and calling the police; it’s the bartender’s fault for not cutting him off. When is just going to be this drunk guy’s fault for not knowing his own limits?

            You’re also making a lot of assumptions; yes, he might have been an alcoholic and he might have also simply been someone who partied a little too hard on inauguration night. Had I came across this situation, I wouldn’t have spent 5 minutes analyzing it, I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion that this guy is an alcoholic, and I wouldn’t have decide to take personal responsibility to get him into rehab and get his life turned around.

            It’s clear from this video that this is a grown man and as such, he knows that all actions have consequences. Unfortunately, one of those consequences is being the star of his own youtube video.

          • Anonymous

            I’m glad he didn’t injure you.

        • BitterElitist

          If this guy didn’t look like a member of DKE, would you have been so solicitous?

          He’s drunk and violent. Let the cops handle him. Just like they handle the rest of DC’s violent drunks.

  • Fonzy

    There’s a lot of assumptions going on over here … I’m not sure how funny drunk dude will think this video is when he eventually finds it. It could be considered defamation. I’d remove it ASAP PoP.

    • KenyonDweller

      He was filmed in a public place, which is legal. And, while it might be defamatory (injurious to his reputation), there is no slander or libel where the defamation is true.

    • annonny

      Pretty sure any claim of defamation would have to involve posting some activity going on within a reasonable expectation of privacy. Drunk dude was in the middle of a public street with emergency lights flashing all around him. If anything, he defamed himself.

      I’m not saying that this weird rise in an individualized surveillance society is a good thing, but people should consider the fact that every action they take out of doors is liable to be recorded somehow.

    • JD

      I’m surprised to see so many people defending the drunk. If you are going to act a fool in public, then you risk this type of thing happening. Defamation? Are you serious? If anything, this video is evidence for prosecuting him for public intoxication – not used by him in a suit against others. Ridiculous that this man acts like this and people defend him as grounds of “Well, it’s okay to act this way because he was drunk” while blaming the camera man who did nothing wrong. Fortunately, neither the man nor anybody else got hurt during this incident, but now he has to live with whatever consequences come from having an embarrassing video of him on the internet.

      • Anonymous

        Someone could have drugged his drink, for all you know.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe he had a rough childhood. Bad parents. Etc….

    • anon

      Truth might be a pretty good defense here.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone remember the incident a few years ago, when a somewhat-well-known man (a journalist, maybe?) got knocked on the head by muggers, was treated like a drunk by police, and died of his head injury while the emergency responders were overlookiong “just another drunk bum”?

    I think of that every single time I see an impaired person. I wouldn’t be very surprised to learn that the oh-so-funny drunk dude in the street had actually been dosed. I realize that’s not a LIKELY scenario. But… you know…

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly. This guy looks like he’s more than just drunk – someone could have put something in his drink.

  • “It really is a sad day for our society when no one will help this idiot.”
    I love this comment!!

  • Anonymous

    Eh, drunk is drunk. Let’s not get overly analytical here. The amount of speculation is astounding. I think this video is hilarious. Guess that means I’m going to hell.

    • Anon

      I guess I am going to hell as well since I found the video hilarious. The people that read this blog need to lighten up.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s hilarious that a man who had one drink too many on a celebratory night will probably have to flee DC in shame because this embarrassing video is everywhere. Glad it amused you at least.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, no one should be held responsible for anything they do ever.

        You act a fool, you’re going to be treated like a fool.

        • Anonymous

          But this isn’t fair to him. Most of us have gotten drunk before and it wasn’t documented for the whole world to see.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve never attacked cars or people before.

          • Anonymous

            Nor have I, but I’m sure if you filmed me and edited it nicely and added a soundtrack it would have been just as entertaining to the sort of people that find this funny.

          • Anonymous

            I’m thankful everyday that there was no Facebook, instragram, twitter, whatever when I was in college. We barely even had flip phones 🙂 I shudder to think of there being any evidence of the fool I acted in the past.

            We have to face reality people, we live in a world where you can’t expect privacy like you used to. There’s always somebody watching, there’s potentially somebody recording and EVERYBODY has access to social media. It might not be fair, but it’s just how it is.

      • Anonymous

        I like the assumption of innocence of this belligerent white guy acting In a violent manner. I’m sorry,but screw him. If he had hurt someone at least it would have been caught on tape.
        If you are in a safe place to film crazy, dangerous, illegal behavior, do it.

        It’s funny how the commentariat is pro public shaming when it comes to some crimes, but not others.

    • BitterElitist

      Exactly! Had it been Julio or Juwan dressed in raggedy clothes, nobody would have given two fucks about him hitting his head on the pavement.

  • E

    We don’t know the end of this particulary story….but similar stories (I’m sure) have ended badly often in our fine city. We don’t always know the back stories. What gets reported is, ” DC man beat to death while walking home.” Or “DC man shot to death and robbed of his belongings.” Then come the debates about safety and violence, and of course, gentrification and race. We have to be smarter than this, people.

  • Anonymous

    Has “Do Unto Others” gone out of fashion? I would NEVER film someone who was out-of-control drunk because I’d be mortified if someone did it to me. I guess becoming a You Tube sensation is worth being cruel for.

    • Cap Hill

      This reminds me of the controversy surrounding the photo of the man about to get run over by a NYC subway train. Is it ok to document a low point in someone else’s life for art or for other’s amusement? As an occasional street photographer it’s something I think about a lot. I’ve missed out on a few amazing shots because I thought it might paint someone in an unflattering light, but I would have hated myself if I’d gone ahead and taken them.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the line? ………. But he’s such a nice boy……

    The excuses people are making here are disgusting to me.

    • Anonymous

      If this guy were of a different race or class the assumptions would be different. And also no one would be defending or making excuses for this guy.

      • Bingo. It’d be “thug” this and “thug” that all over the place, and people crying out for more gentrification.

      • exactly.

      • Anonymous

        And this exact post would also exist on that thread.


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