• JDS

    Maryland driver

    • Anonymous

      That was quick. I was wondering how fast someone would say that.

  • Correction:

    Pennsylvania / Virginia Drivers…

    • Virigina driver, speeding, breaking all laws to get home and vote conservative.

  • dat

    what the…

  • Damn cyclists…er, wait.

  • TG

    I am trying to picture how this happened myself. Does not seem as simple as car was speeding.

  • He might have taken that turn too sharply.

    • anon

      “too sharply”? I don’t think they took the turn at all…

  • Anonymous

    Huh. My guess, either:
    Really bad at parallel parking and backed up too far.
    Racing up the hill and didn’t notice the road ended until it was too late.

  • TG

    I had to go to google maps to find out. 33rd street does appear to dead end at the canal but you look to have about 30 feet or so of sidewalk/brick pedestrian area before the canal. That is a pedestrian bridge not a car bridge in the photo. So, genius went zooming up the street and couldn’t stop in time.

  • The bridge is also up a flight of stairs, so there is no trying to drive onto it.

  • mm

    Rocket thrusters engage

  • Anonymous

    there’s a circular drive there in front of an office building so dude/dudette probably was hauling ass around that circle and flew off into the canal. LOL

    • DE

      The circular drive is closed at the moment with construction equipment and fencing. The guy would have had to jump the curb to even reach the bricks/towpath. An amazing feat in daylight.

  • Brian

    The General Lee couldn’t even make that jump.

  • What sucks is that this guy will probably win some lawsuit because someone didn’t build a retaining wall. And then an ugly wall will go up, and something else, and then we’re all having to take our shoes off before boarding. I dread the inevitable over-reaction to whatever caused this.

    • Ronald

      Not in Georgetown. The GPRB will bury anything that doesn’t match its (made-up) historical ideal. The good: this is why there are still things like the canal towpath. The bad: This is why you can’t bike on P or O st (cobbles).

  • Anonymous

    Lucky the canal is empty!

  • Roz


  • CPT_Doom

    Apparently this happens on a weekly basis in Amsterdam, but then again, they let you drive along the canals there – and they have smaller cars.

  • anon

    This driver must have been hauling ass up that hill, and I’m guessing they assumed 33rd St went over the canal like other streets do? I put 20-1 odds that cell phone use was a contributing cause here. They would have had to miss the 12-foot+ high WALL looming in front of them until they had to swerve/brake late to miss it and hop the curb, causing what appears to be a slow tumble into the canal (the car doesn’t seem terribly banged up).

    My personal theory is that this guy was using directions from the Apple Maps app to find the store on Wisconsin :)

    • Anonymous

      mindlessly following GPS is actually a pretty plausible explanation of this

  • Texting

  • ET

    I can’t say how it happened technically but i would hazard a guess there was a lot of inattention involved. This wasn’t just not stopping on time but maybe not stopping in time + something else, because this took a bit of “work.”


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