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  • Anonymous

    The girl I had the biggest crush on in high school was a dancer there… True story. Bad memories. *sniff*

  • Randy

    There is actually a construction permit now posted on one of the doors on 5th. Anyone know what they are doing?

  • jaynuze

    there is nothing that looks or has ever looked awesome at Louis’ Rogue club … that is/was one strange place

    • Anonymous

      you been inside?

      • Anonymous

        Yes. Back in 1998

    • Rococo

      and that’s why it’s awesome, the stranger the better!

  • Anonymous

    I have been trying to find the new owner to convince him I need these signs, incredible

  • I like the signs in the first two photos. The one in the last photo just looks trashy.

    Is this the strip club at which the Mount Vernon neighborhood group (I can’t remember its exact name) was hosting a meeting?

    • Prince Of Petworth
      • I went there the night of the Mt Vernon Square visit just to see what it was like. The group could not have looked more out of place. Still it would have been be hard not to – the place looked like it hadn’t been redecorated since the days of Shaft. I don’t think it had even been cleaned since the 70s. I expected to see Huggy Bear at the bar.

      • How in the world did I miss that post?

  • That Man A

    this is the first strp club i ever went to….

    was in high school then and my cousin knew everyone so thats how i got in
    was riding by it a couple days ago talking about how long i thought that litttle strip of buildings would be there

  • Anonymous

    Roll Ella Roll
    luv ya

  • scotchandsoda

    I went there once a few years ago, as I climbed the stairs I was met with a song that went ” bust that pu**y open, bust that, bust that pu**y open” it was an interesting evening…to say the least


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