• dcjpad

    That building is such an eyesore. Good luck to the cafe…

  • I *love* this place. Delicious (best lentil soup and hummus in DC), huge portions, veg-friendly, and run by the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet. Juice Joint next door is great, but Cafe Mediterranean is cheaper and rarely has a wait.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, this is a great downtown lunch option. Really good kofte sandwich and lentil soup, and everything is pretty inexpensive by downtown standards. They seem to get a little frazzled when they have a lot of customers, but hopefully they can fine-tune their system. And in any event, there usually isn’t much of wait.

  • Shaw-Eric

    Doesn’t look like much but the food is really good. So far, no crowds, which is great when I’m in a hurry but I hope they get the business they need to keep going.

  • Identified

    Good food, sparse interior, moderately priced.

    Yep, I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Just went in today and had a great meal –and a great conversation with the owner. They’re really providing something wonderful: fresh, healthy, tasty, AND affordable food.
    I’ll be going back, I hope others will too. We need restaurants like this.

  • LKS

    Loved their gigantic sandwiches made from scratch with fresh ingredients and charm. The owner is super sweet and friendly. I had the kofte sandwich which was awesome, I would definitely go back and try the other sandwiches on the menu. According to the owner, they will be adding falafel to the menu soon. Pros: generous portions, tasty food, authentic flavors (real turkish coffee and tea available), and friendly staff. Cons: the remnants of Quiznos are not adding to the ambiance, music would help improve the atmosphere inside the restaurant, especially when it’s quiet. Love that this is NOT another chain sandwich place. Let’s spread the word and help make this place a staple in the neighborhood.


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