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2251 Wisconsin Ave, NW in Glover Park Sold for $20.1 million, Will become a 65,000 square foot 81-unit residential rental property

by Prince Of Petworth January 30, 2013 at 1:30 pm 26 Comments

Photo courtesy of Summit Commercial Real Estate

From a press release:

Gordon Nielsen & Guy d’Amecourt of Summit Commercial Real Estate, LLC today announced they brokered the sale of 2251 Wisconsin Ave, NW in Glover Park for $20.1 million to a joint venture of Altus Realty Partners, Chesapeake Realty Partners and Ellisdale Construction. The joint venture will replace the façade and renovate the existing 30,000 square foot two- story retail property (leased to Washington Sports Club & Glover Park Hardware) and construct a 65,000 square foot 81-unit residential rental property with two levels of underground parking on land presently used as a surface parking lot. The apartments will average 635 square feet with a mix of studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units looking to target young professionals.

The property overlooks the parkland of the Naval Observatory and Vice President’s residence. “The area has superior age/income demographics and the property generated a great deal of interest from developers” said Gordon Nielsen who represented the seller in the transaction. The property is adjoining Whole Food Markets and is across the street from CVS and Starbucks.

The development will break ground in April and the tenants will remain during construction with parking being provided in adjacent lots. The developer is targeting a LEED Silver classification and intends to improve the energy efficiency of the HVAC systems as well as replacing the existing building’s ‘skin’. It is anticipated that the project will take about 12 months to complete.

Check out some renderings after the jump.

  • Anonymous

    Wowzers, I had no idea there was a big surface lot behind that building!

  • Sir Douchy

    But what about the Ace hardware store? Will they relocate somewhere nearby or just shutter? I don’t give a crap about the Type As who frequent the WSC next door, I just want my hardware store.

    • It says the Ace and WSC will both stay open throughout the renovation. Hopefully, they find a good tenant for the third retail space in there as well (formerly Myer-Emco).

    • Ross

      Wow. Way to generalize. Glad to know you’re not shallow or anything. I’m sorry some of us actually try to be healthy. I suppose we should all eat McDonalds every day like you. Make sure to get a few bungee chords at the hardware store to keep your pants up.

      • TG

        In his defense, he does go by the name of SirDouchy.

      • Anonymous

        Well, to his credit, he basically admits to being a douche bag right off the bat.

      • ST

        Perpetuating the stereotype? Pretty sure “Sir Douchy” was just joking. No need to bully.

      • Wow. Congratulations on being upset over his generalizations and then immediately generalizing that he is a morbidly obese fast food addict because he doesn’t go to that gym.

        That’s great hustle.

        • Stavros

          “That’s great hustle.” = Zing!!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Because, being an employee of a company next door, I didn’t just get done dealing with 8 months of road construction…

    • TG

      Yep. And just in time for new residents they made what use to be 4 lanes into two, thereby creating a giant cluster-f*ck on what used to be a pretty passable stretch of Wisconsin.

      • Anonymous

        DDOT has gotten really good lately at messing up roadways. First, they completely destroyed what little continuous traffic flow there was in and around 14th & Irving in Columbia Heights, and now I see that they’ve done their handywork on Wisconsin Avenue through Glover Park. This being DC, I would guess that they’re hiring so-and-so’s nephew who got his degree through the mail to be a traffic engineer.

        • Anonymous

          Should’ve said 14th & Park, but it’s still the same general area.

        • Anonymous

          yeah that area is one of the most poorly designed thoroughfares in dc. no idea what is was like previously but everytime im over there i feel like im driving in nyc

        • TG

          I think it is actually intentional, although misguided. Part of the city plan to make things more pedestrian friendly. I also competley agree about how they similarly screwed up the Park rd. 14th street flow. I think that was the same plan, however.

          • Exactly. Similar to NYC under Bloomberg, the road changes are meant to purposely making driving MORE DIFFICULT for individuals. It’s to incentivize individuals to use public transport, bikes, and other modes of transportation by making driving a huge hassle.

            Whether or not you believe this is a worthwhile endeavor is a matter of perspective. Pedestrians and bikers are loving all the new bikes lanes popping up throughout the city.

          • The people who actually live and play in Columbia Heights would certainly argue that it is a smart move.

          • anon

            Not all of us Kyle. Some of spend a third of our 15 mile commute on the 3 blocks it takes to get from near 14th/Park to 16th/Park. Every morning.

          • TG

            That is the thing. I have walked this area a lot – and in Columbia Heights, and never really saw the benefit from a pedestrian standpoint of creating these choke points. Half the times cars stay blocking the cross walks.

          • Meh, you should look closer to where you live, or live closer to where you work. If the choice is people living and playing, or commuters, I choose the former, every time, and the city should (and is) as well.

          • Sorry anon, but until you pay a Commuter Tax the DC government is going to give exactly zero f#cks about how long your drive is from the ‘burbs. They’ll continue to do what’s best for their constituents, the vast majority of whom rely on public transport and alternative forms of transportation to get to work.

          • I could be wrong, but I was assuming that Anon was a reverse commuter — someone who lives and plays in Columbia Heights, but works in the suburbs.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, so many incredibly stupid assumptions right here that it’s making my head spin. Not everybody driving through there is commuting from the suburbs. Not everybody who lives and works in the area can walk or ride their bike to work. You live a few blocks from your office? Good for you. That’s not necessarily an option for everybody. People who shop at DCUSA often buy large items that can’t be carried home on a bicycle.

            And just wait till you have a medical emergency and it takes an ambulance 45 minutes to get to your commune in Mt. Pleasant because it has to sit in traffic on Park Road in front of DCUSA. For your sake, I hope they perfect the bicycle ambulance before that happens.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think people from the suburbs drive in to shop at the target
          in Columbia Heights.

          As a reverse commuter with a miserable drive from Petworth to the burbs I would be all for a commuter tax. Oops, guess I should have bought a rowhouse in Arlington instead!

          • Anonymous

            Amen. What we need is a tax on self-righteous assholes. That could solve any budget crisis DC might ever face.

      • Agree – but MPD has not been ticketing people parking on Wisconsin (esp. between Calvert and W) during rush hour. I say get rid of rush hour parking (in both directions) on the entire length of Wisconsin from K street to Western Ave – it would speed up a major arterial and make life a little bit better – all for the price of a couple hundred signs.


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