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  • Anon’y

    It kinda sets a bad example. I’m sure some kids are thinking “Hey I want one of those! Whats the quickest way to get a sweet ride? I guess I need to become a rich drug dealer to get one, right?”

    • Anonymous

      i think kids are smart enough to noticed that it’s a seized vehicle and that the cops won.

    • Anonymous’s point is valid, but I agree with Anon’y on this one.

    • Anonymous

      Thats how breaking bad started too.

    • Anonymous

      Wow this is hilarious! Yeah that definitely is the first thought coming out of a kid’s mind and the sole determining factor in their dabbling in the drug trade.

  • Anonymous

    Wanna bet?

  • Anonymous

    That’s an old Mercury Cougar

    • Mercury Cougar-based, yes. There was a company that converted Mercury Cougars in the 80s into these monstrosities–I believe it might have been Zimmer. You could buy them new from select Ford-Lincoln-Mercury dealers.

  • Joe E

    You know, that’s the kind of car that you look at and say ‘I bet those seats are upholstered in soft Corinthian Leather.’

    • Anonymous

      “Corinth is famous for its leather!”

  • Gato Rojo

    ROTFLMAO! at the title.

    Faux Excalibur. Talk about a redundancy …!!!


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