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  • Anonymous

    hydrogen electric meets rust, and the red seat.

  • Anonymous

    it is a right proper scooter, but this post is tagged “moped.”

    • I can’t remember for sure, but I think as far as the D.C. government is concerned, scooters are a subcategory of mopeds.

      • Anonymous

        According to DC government scooters are motorcycles.

        • Oops. 🙂

        • Anonymous 2

          Unless it’s under 50cc. Then it’s classified as a bicycle.

  • Anonymous

    do want.

  • Man, that’s a beater.

  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    Union Market!!!

  • Ameliahotfoot

    That’s my scoot!! Awww. She’s a little beat up but rides like a gem… Thanks to the wonderful guys at Modern Classics!


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