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Shooting at 8th and H Street, NE 9:14pm Monday Night

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2012 at 9:30 am 30 Comments

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From MPD:

On December 17, 2012 at approximately 9:14 PM in the 800 block of H Street NE, an unknown suspect approached the complainant in the block and exchanged a few words with him. The suspect then produced a gun and shot him. The complainant was transported to a local hospital and treated for his injuries. The nature of the injuries sustained are non- life threatening at this time. The case is currently being investigated by Detectives from the First District.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Anonymous information may also be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging to 50411.

Council Member @TommyWells tweeted:

“Two brothers in a conflict with a group of other men at 8th and H NE and one was shot in the leg. Thats all I know for now.”

  • maryedith

    This was directly across the street from my house. I didn’t get home until they had already shut the street down, but damn, I hate H St sometimes.

  • Tom

    8th & H is the worst remaining street on H

    • It’s like a valley between the two gentrified ends of H.

    • That Man A

      It isnt the worst street…

      its just thats where the bus stops are that everyone going to/ from the area are…

      if you want to head torwards eastern mkt or fla ave/ U st etc this is where you catch the bus

    • JS

      Street? Did you mean block or corner?

      • Tom

        I realized that didn’t exactly make sense, but I think I’ll go with “valley” as kev29 pointed out.

  • “Two brothers in a conflict”


  • Nolo

    What could possibly make someone think that shooting somebody is a logical step in an argument

    • E

      its highly unlikely that the perp is a chess master

  • bakerette

    The bus transfer point at H & 8th is major security issue in the area. I live near that intersection and there are regular issues. There needs to be more security/police presence at the intersection.

  • anon

    As someone who lives a block away, this is wholly unsurprising news. That has to be the most argumentative intersection in the city. Someone is always bickering. With two major bus lines, people get increasingly grumpy when their buses don’t come (or, in the case of the X2, arrive dangerously overcrowded). Plus, there’s the hours-long dice games that take place at that intersection on a daily basis.

    It’s probably not the most effective way to combat this, but MPD should simply station an officer there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Anonymous

    Really? Everyone wants to shut down one of DCs great remaining black markets? Where the hell else can I scratch PCP, bootleg porno, and herbal oils off my christmas list in one fell swoop, huh?

    I bet you want to turn it ino a dog park.

  • anon

    It sounds like all of the commenters aree on my morning/evening X2 commute as well

    • Anonymous

      Haha well no not daily but i do catch it from time to time
      my girlfirend however does catch it daily…

      but still imo it isnt THAT bad
      yes there are typically a lot of people crowded in the area(mainly on the cap hill side of H st) but the norm isnt that they are disruptive to people waiting for a bus or indiviguals passing by. i walk though that block ALL of the time and have yet to have anyone harass me not have i seen anything crazy going on.
      at worst someone offers oils, insence, or the latest cd/ dvd
      just a bunck of people waiting on their bus…

      if you do want to catch these same busses and but the crowds make you uncomfortable or uneasy for whatever reason you can catch the same busses from a couple blocks up at 8th and k

      • You brave souls.

        • Anonymous

          land of the free, home of the brave.

  • Anonymous

    8th and H will get better but not for a few more years. that whole strip shopping mall is slated to come down and be replaced with 300 units of primarily market rate housing, new retail, underground parking etc. Much much more upscale. The developers are waiting to till streetcar happens though before breaking ground. the development has all the approvals. I am still surprised by the amount of violent crime on H street though at all hours of the day. Maybe the mainstreet needs to hire their own security to patrol?

  • Get rid of the bus stop on that corner, problem solved. Amirite??

    • Anonymous

      I would rather see improved police patrols/enforcement. I’m not familiar with this intersection, but it sounds from the comments like this is an important and heavily-used bus stop. Why should law-abiding people have to go out of their way to a different stop because of a few troublemakers? Other than that rhetorical question, I see two problems: 1) Shutting down a bus stop that’s otherwise well-used is essentially abdicating public safety to the criminals, and in my mind sends the bad message that MPD and the citizens of DC are content to back down; and 2) If the crime hotspot really is related to that particular bus stop and the patrons waiting there, won’t shutting it down just disperse that crime to the other nearby stops?

  • Anonymous

    There absolutely needs to be more consistent police presence on this block. I live right off of H closer to 12th street, and anytime I want to dine at Big Board or Ethiopic, I know I either need to Bikeshare down there or walk on the side of the street with the strip mall. It is totally scary, particularly as a female, to walk on the other side of the street (did it once, will never, ever do it again).

    • Anonymous

      Walking through 8th/H is often reminiscent of a zombie apocalypse.

    • That Man A


      It is not THAT bad
      again, it is just people waiting for the bus.
      no it isnt the friendliest looking corner to walk by but not once have i been bothered in the least bit. and i walk through that block at ALL times of day/ night all the time
      the way yaul speak you would expect numerous people being robbed daily. that just isnt the case
      you do live in a major city. they cant make every block & every corner look inviting for a child. thats part of a city… all types of people

      ok im finshed… but it really isnt as bad as yaul are making it seem

      • maryedith

        Agreed. I actually generally feel safer there because there are a ton of people there. Some of them are shady, but there are plenty of normal people waiting on buses at pretty much all hours. I tend to feel safer because of it.

      • Anonymous

        It is bad to have people getting in your face as you walk by while they are saying nasty, despicable comments. I ride the bus and enjoy living in this community, but that stretch of H is not good. I’m talking specifically about the north side of H between 7th and 8th.

      • ATB

        Well for what it’s worth I’m guessing it’s some of my fellow white people commenting. Riding the X2 or say a 90 is a noticeably different experience than any NW-focused bus I’ve ever been on. I’ve definitely felt some curious or plain hard stares from my fellow passengers and it is noticeable when you are the only white person on a bus though this is much much less frequent these days.

        • Anonymous

          I suppose it is noticeable, but…what of it? I ride the 90-routes, the A-routes, and the W-routes semi-regularly. The first time I did so, I felt as though the other passengers were staring at me. By the second ride, I realized it was time to get over myself: 99% of my fellow passengers could care less whether I’m the only white person on a particular bus or what I’m doing there; everyone just wants to get to/from work, school, errands, whatever, at the beginning or end of a long day. I’ve never been specifically threatened or harrassed, and the very small handful of people that have directly smirked or tossed an offhand comment at me…if they don’t like me being there, that’s their hangup, not mine. Besides, I figure black people have been in many, many situations where they’re the only person of color in a room, and they’ve made a go of it, so what’s the big deal when the tables are turned?

          • Anonymous

            Exactly, anonymous.

            ATB sounds as if s/he feels the process of pushing “them” out is taking too long. ATB should try being black and walking (or driving) through–say Clifton, VA, or for that matter, any quaint little Main St. town in America. Not only do the stares come from your fellow man, but they also come from the police. Yes…still, in 2012.

            Hang in there ATB. It won’t be long.

  • Anonymous

    There is a huge police survelliance camera at that corner and yet problems persist. It’s a block from where the Grace Deli owner was robbed and murdered last summer and just a block from where I was robbed at gunpoint in 2010. Sitting in my car at the light yesterday, I saw a drug deal in broad daylight. Craps games galore, littering, open market selling, etc. The vast majority of the people are law-abiding and just trying to get around. I’m surprised, though, the police don’t focus a little more on combatting all the petty crime at this intersection and ridding it of the bad elements.

    BTW, responding to a previous post, my understanding from one of the merchants in that shopping center is that the developer is honoring leases and looking for temporary locations for those stores that want to come back to the development when it’s completed.

    • Nolo

      I think that developer just asked for an extension on the permit to start redeveloping that shopping center. I think I read that he/she won’t bother removing paying tenants and sinking money into redevelopment until he/she is certain that the streetcar is happening.

  • Dan

    something needs to change. we need police between 8th and 9th on H at all times as long as there are multiple shootings going on on the same block in the same week.

    –homicide of the deli owner
    –21 year old killed October in alley off of 8th and Florida ave NE
    –shots fired monday night at the bus stop on 9th by rite-aide
    –shots fired this morning over shoes…no one hurt thankfully

    multiple other shootings in the area in the same time period….and if we look East a bit off of H street its much much worse.


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