• Mike

    I think its a cool neighborhood initiative actually. I saw the segment on The Colbert Report when they made him and it looks kind of fun.

  • dcresident

    I live downtown and am biased but I think it’s a fun neighborhood initiative too.

  • Anonymous

    They should do a MaGruff the crime dog being attacked by a Metro bus driver.

  • wylie coyote

    I think it’s pretty funny, actually.

    They should make a Golden Triangle BID employee wax statue too.

  • Actually, I walked by him and almost asked for directions. Pretty good.

  • Karyn Le Blanc, Director of Communications, DowntownDC BID

    The wax figure of a Downtown Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance (SAM) employee was unveiled at the DowntownDC Business Improvement District’s (BID) 15th Anniversary celebration. The SAMs are the BID’s corps of uniformed personnel and the visible face of the organization. They hit Downtown streets immediately after the BID was formed in 1997 to attend to the many details of making guests in Downtown feel safer, invited and welcome. The wax replica of the roving concierges, law enforcement aides and goodwill ambassadors has been a big hit, and we appreciate Madame Tussauds generous support of the BID and its SAMs. The SAM in wax will make appearances throughout the BID area over the next year.


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