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  • diploj

    Rare, semi-gated Logan Circle parking spot available: $200/month

  • Maestrobe

    “Sure, we could move this pile of dirt. Or . . . we could throw some granite counters and exposed duct work on top and rent it out for $1700 per month.”

  • jeezpf

    And over here will be a cupcake shop- because you can never have enough cupcakes.

  • Michael

    This should be a big enough latrine hole for everyone who eats at the Chipotle a few blocks away.

  • Subway is really over doing it with the attempts at sabotaging Taylor Gourmet.

  • DSJ

    “That’s right…20 units, all English basements.”

    • ep_jhu

      I LOL’d

    • Anonymous

      Love it.. hahahaha

    • Ha!

  • J

    “Can’t we just build it a little taller??”

    “…Keep digging.”

  • D

    Do I call 311 or 911 to report this pothole?

  • cacheup

    well apple maps said there’s a parking garage here but let’s check this paper thing anyway

  • Anonymous

    All the note says is “All your basements are belong to us”

  • Anonymous

    The rat problem in DC is far worse than folks originally imagined

  • craig

    Looks like we’re done here, Taylor’s for lunch?

  • Noah

    ♫ Solid as a rock! ♫

  • AnononWednesday

    “Jim, I don’t know how to tell you this………. but Wagamama pulled out.”

  • Marion Barry pulled this from his glovebox. It really says DC council members can park anywhere.

  • david

    I remember having the keys when we were digging over there.

    • Lisa


  • “Like a Rock” my ass!

  • TG

    Don’t worry we’ll get to the bottom of this.

  • Diana

    But Apple maps directed me to start here!

  • latin ninja

    I found a way to cut costs. If we say that Santa is burried underneath, all of the kids will come and dig him out.

  • MG

    “Now you tell me there’s a difference between NE and NW.”

  • Sebrof

    I’ve made a huge mistake

  • 2815

    They said “across from Taylor Gourmet”…you’re telling me there’s more than one of this place??

  • Anonymous

    Metro employees work hard at repairing the Dupont Circle escalators.

  • PG

    I got a guy working on your neighbor’s roof and he noticed your gutters are clogged with a bird’s nest and tennis ball. We can clean them for thirty dollars!

  • As his boss droned on, Logan shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He sniffed, put on his best James Dean, and reflected on his decision to take this job for the sandwiches.

  • So instead of falling off the fiscal cliff we fall into the fiscal hole?

  • “Yea, so apparently once these new taxicab laws kick in, they’ll bury all the old cars in this here grave.”

  • David

    14th st corridor hottest new building: Dirt!

    Dirt! It’s the greenest building DC has to offer. Chic layouts, top of line clay that was imported from six feet under. Open floor plans where you can view all the slights and sounds that 14th street has to offer! This space can be yours low low price of $2500 a month!

    Homeless man, probably included.

  • JB


  • b4life

    “Built Ford Tough!” I should’ve listened to that commercial. This damn Chevy!!! Ughhhh

  • “Damnit, John! You had the plans upside down!”

  • wylie coyote

    One SUV races to safety as the Swaggerjacking Dirt Eating Monster attacks U Street, unbeknowest to the hapless two man construction crew.

  • Ashton Wingate

    I don’t give a damn! This time we’re building one with a drive-thru.

  • mmm

    fancy a game of backgammon?

  • Anonymous

    Captain Flint’s map says it should be here.

  • Scott

    “don’t worry…I ‘tipped’ the guy at DCRA, we don’ t need a permit”


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